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Article: 3mm vs 4mm Tennis Chain: Which Should You Buy?

3mm and 4mm tennis chain on neck

3mm vs 4mm Tennis Chain: Which Should You Buy?

The 3mm and 4mm tennis chains are by far the most popular width of tennis chains in the market right now. It can be hard to tell the differences between these tennis chains at first glance. This can make choosing between the two chains difficult.

In this blog, we compare the 3mm vs 4mm tennis chain. We'll go over the pros, cons and differences of each tennis chain. Then we'll give you recommendation on which one is best for your needs!


The 3mm Tennis Chain

3mm tennis chain on neck


  • Lightweight - smaller diamonds or gemstones and fewer metals are used. This gives the 3mm tennis chain a lightweight feel that is ideal for everyday wear.
  • Versatile - at this width, the tennis chain is a subtle chain. Tuck it into a t-shirt or wear it out with casual outfits. The 3mm tennis chain is also great for holding smaller pendants.
  • Price - the 3mm tennis chain will be much cheaper than thicker variations. This is because diamonds or stones on the tennis chain are smaller. The chain itself will also utilise less metals.
  • Cleaning - the 3mm tennis chain is smaller  in size making it easier to clean than thicker variations. There are fewer crevices and less surface to wipe down.


  • Durability - the chain is thin and thus a much more delicate piece of jewellery. Because of this, the 3mm tennis chain is usually more prone to damage from day-to-day wear.
  • Appearance - much more subtle and not as eye-catching as thicker variations


The 4mm Tennis Chain

male wearing 4mm gold tennis chain on neck

4mm Gold Tennis Necklace by Sky Austria


  • Versatile - bolder but still suitable as a layering piece. Can be tucked into a smart shirt or worn with casual outfits. It is also great for holding thick iced-out pendants. At this, with the 4mm tennis chain can also be worn as a statement piece.
  • Appearance - the 4mm tennis chain is bolder looking and will catch more eyes when worn.
  • Durability - the 4mm tennis chain offers great durability whilst still being thin. The chain is less resistant to wear and tear from daily wear and bending.


  • Heavy - a 4mm tenins chain is heavier than thinner variations. This is because it features larger diamonds or gemstones and uses more metals. For some, this may be uncomfortable for to wear all day.
  • Price - the larger diamonds on a 4mm tennis chain means this tennis chain will be more expensive than thinner variations.
  • Versatility - at 4mm the tennis chain starts to look thicker. For some, the tennis chain may look too bold to pair alongside another chain or pendant.
  • Cleaning - it may take more effort to clean a 4mm tennis chain. This is because the chain has more crevices to clean and has a larger surface area.

Main Difference Between These Tennis Chains

  • Appearance - the 3mm tennis chain is a much more subtle chain because of the smaller stones. The 4mm gives off a bolder and chunkier look because of the larger stones. Both offer equal levels of brilliance and shine!
  • Weight - The 4mm tennis chain will be much heavier than a 3mm tennis chain. This is because the 4mm tennis chain features larger stones and uses more metals.
  • Durability - the 4mm tennis chain will offer much more durability than the 3mm tennis chain. This is because the chain is much thicker and has greater resistance to bending and twisting.
  • Amount of gold/diamonds - the 4mm tennis chain will have larger stones and use more precious metals.
  • Styling - the 3mm tennis chain is a great piece to layer with other pendants or necklaces to add shine. The 4mm tennis chain is best worn as a statement piece but can be layered with other pendants or necklaces for a bold look.
  • Price - 4mm tennis chains is much more expensive than 3mm tennis chain. This is because the 4mm variation will use larger diamonds and more precious metals.
  • Maintenance requirements - both chains are easy to clean compared to other types of chains. But, the 3mm tennis chain is easier to clean than the 4mm tennis chain. This is because there is a smaller surface area to clean and fewer crevices to clean through.


3mm vs 4mm Tennis Chain: Which One Is The Best?

Which tennis chain is best for you will depend on your personal preferences as well as how you plan to wear it.

The 3mm tennis chain is the perfect subtle chain that still packs a punch when it comes to shine. The chain is ideal for layering with other pendants or necklaces. The chain offers a lightweight feel with maximum styling capabilities.

The 4mm tennis chain is perfect for those looking for a chain that is right between subtle and statement. For those looking for a chain that is durable and eye-catching, this width is definitely the one to choose.

Still unsure about which tennis chain you should get? Read our ultimate guide to tennis chains.



Now that we have compared the 3mm vs 4mm tennis chain, you should have a better understanding of both. We went through the pros and cons of each and how they vary in styling, appearance, cleaning requirements and durability.

You can't go wrong with either of these tennis chains. Both offer outstanding brilliance and shine that is a perfect addition to any outfit.

Ultimately the right tennis chain for you will be down to personal preference. The one you feel the most comfortable with is the best option for you!

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What Is The Best Length For A Tennis Chain? 

The best length of tennis chain for you depends on factors such as individual neck size, the thickness of the tennis chain and how you plan on styling it. For females a length between 16 to 20 inches is perfect. For males a tennis chain between 20 to 24 inches is great. 

Both these length ranges will allow the tennis chain to fit perfectly for most people.


What Length Chain Do Men Prefer? 

Most men will prefer a length that is between 20 to 24 inches. This is because at this length the tennis chain doesn't have a choker fit but isn't too loose either. 


What Is The Most Popular Chain Length?

The most popular chain length for both the 3mm and 4mm tennis chains is the 20-inch variation. The 20-inch variation tends to be a safe option for both men and women. It is also not too long or not too short, making it ideal for layering.   

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