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Article: 3mm vs 5mm Cuban Link Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

3mm and 5mm silver cuban link chain

3mm vs 5mm Cuban Link Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

Cuban chains come in a variety of widths and sizes. The most popular Cuban chain widths are 3mm and 5mm as they aren’t too flashy and are perfect for every day. Deciding which width of Cuban to invest in can be a challenging task for first-time buyers. 

Being aware of the pros, cons and differences between the two widths will allow you to make more informed decisions about which to buy. 

In this blog, we give you all the information you need for exactly that.  We compare the 3mm vs 5mm Cuban link chain and go through the pros, cons and differences that you need to know. 


The 3mm Cuban Chain

3mm silver cuban chain

3mm Silver Micro Cuban by Sky Austria



  • Versatility - a subtle chain that can be worn with both smart and casual outfits. Great for tucking into your shirts and t-shirts. The chain can also fit through most pendant bails. 
  • Price - will usually be cheaper than thicker alternatives as it will use much less gold 
  • For him & her - both females and males will love the subtle look of the Cuban chain are this width. 



  • Durability - more durable than other types of chains at the same width. Still not as durable as Cuban chains at thicker widths. 
  • Appearance - doesn’t stand out as much when wearing it compared to thicker variations. 
  • Tangling - individual links are more likely to tangle and dislodge. Harder to keep the chain flat on your neck. 
  • Maintenance - can be difficult to clean because of how close the links interlink with each other. 


The 5mm Cuban Chain

5mm silver cuban chain on neck

5mm Silver Cuban by Sky Austria


  • Durable - due to its thicker links it’s harder to break and can withstand daily wear and tear. The chain can also support heavier pendants without snapping. 
  • Appearance - for those looking for a thicker statement piece chain this width is perfect. Ideal for wearing outside of your t-shirts. The chain falls right in the middle of subtle and eye-catching making it suitable for a range of outfits. 
  • Tangling - much less likely to tangle because the chain is heavier. 



  • Versatility - limited to the types of pendants that can be put on this chain. It can be quite difficult to find pendants with a large enough bail to fit a 5mm Cuban chain through. 
  • Maintenance - in general the Cuban chain is hard to clean especially between links. This is true at thicker widths like the 5mm as well. 


Main Differences Between The Two 

3mm silver cuban chain on male

  • Appearance - from afar the 3mm Cuban chain is subtle and looks like a standard chain. The 5mm Cuban chain from afar looks bolder and chunkier and catches the eye much more.
  • Weight - the 5mm Cuban chain will be heavier than the 3mm Cuban chain as it will use up more materials
  • Durability - the 5mm Cuban chain offers much more durability day to day than a 3mm Cuban chain. 
  • Amount of gold / precious metals - the 5mm Cuban chain will have more gold or gold plating than a 3mm Cuban chain. 
  • Styling - the 5mm Cuban chain is best as a statement piece on its own. 3mm Cuban chains are subtle and ideal for layering and putting pendants on. 
  • Price - 5mm Cuban chains will be more expensive than a 3mm Cuban chain. This is because it uses more precious metals and materials.
  • Maintenance Requirements - the 3mm Cuban chain is much hard to clean than a 5mm one. The smaller gaps between each link make the 3mm Cuban chain even more challenging to clean. 


Which One Is Better?
5mm gold cuban chain on neck

5mm Gold Plated Cuban Link Chain by Sky Austria

The best Cuban chain for you will depend on how you plan on wearing and styling it. Both chains offer great durability and are heavier than other types of chains at the same widths. 

The 3mm Cuban chain is better for those looking for a chain that is more subtle and versatile. The 3mm Cuban chain can be worn on its own as a subtle piece or layered with pendants. At this width, the Cuban chain is perfect for smart and casual styles, making it versatile in use. 

The 5mm Cuban chain is the better option for those looking to wear the chain as a statement piece. 5mm Cuban chains are also perfect for those looking for a chain to support a heavier pendant.  At this width the  Cuban chain is best worn with casual outfits, however, if done correctly can also contrast well with a smart outfit. 



Now that we’ve compared the 3mm vs the 5mm Cuban link chain we hope you have a better understanding of the main differences between the two. We went through the pros and cons of each width as well as the main differences. The main differences included weight, durability, amount of gold / precious metals, styling and price. 

You should now be easily able to make that buy decision when choosing between the 3mm and 5mm Cuban link chain. Whichever Cuban chain you choose to buy, know that this chain will never go out of style and will last a lifetime. 

Learn more about the Cuban chain by reading our ultimate guide to Cuban chains.

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How Thick Should A Cuban Chain Be? 

For daily wear, a Cuban chain should be anywhere between 3-5mm thick. At this thickness, the Cuban chain doesn’t look too overwhelming but is still noticeable. As well, they are great for layering with other chains and pendants. 


What Size Cuban Chain Should I Get? 

For sizing, if you are a male anywhere between 18-22 inches is perfect. For females 16-20 inches is ideal. At these lengths, the Cuban chain won't be too close or far from your neck. The chain should fall mid-level at your chest or slightly above it. 


Is A 5mm Chain Good?

A 5mm Cuban chain is great. At this thickness, the Cuban chain's boldness starts to become clear. This width is ideal for daily wear and is highly durable. Pair this up with pendants and layer on other chains to take this chain to the next level. 

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