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Article: Box Chain vs Cuban Link Chain: Which One Is Better?

silver box chain and Cuban Link chain

Box Chain vs Cuban Link Chain: Which One Is Better?

The box chain and Cuban link are among the most popular styles of chains. They are popular because they both offer exceptional durability, style and versatility. It can be difficult to choose between the two chains as they offer many of the same advantages. However, there are some key differences you need to know between the two chains. 

In this blog, we go over the box chain vs Cuban link. We’ll go through the pros, cons and differences of each chain. Then we’ll offer some suggestions on which chain is best for you to help you make a purchasing decision!

What Is A Box Chain?

male wearing 2mm silver box chain on neck

As the name implies the box chain consists of the cube and box-shaped links. Also known as the “Venetian chain” the chain is made from a wire which is flattened and formed into box-shaped links. 


  • Durability - the chain features interlocking links which makes it highly durable. 
  • Shiny - box chains are quite shiny as they have a smooth and flat four-sided appearance. This allows the chain to reflect light well. 
  • Styling - the box chain has a minimalist look that is perfect for styling. Wear it on its own or layered on other chains. A great choice for both formal and casual outfits!
  • Resistant to tangling - the structure of a box chain is much more rigid than other types of chains. This means that the box chain is less likely to tangle. 
  • Timeless - because of how simplistic the box chain is, it has a timeless design that will never go out of style!
  • Easy to clean - the box chain’s flat surface makes it much easier to clean. The box chain is also a lot thinner naturally which means less surface area to clean. 
  • Easy to repair -  box chains are one of the easiest types of chains to repair. Often it will just take a pair of tweezers to connect a loose or box chain link. 
  • Lightweight - these chains are usually thinner. This means they have a lightweight feel when wearing.
  • Versatility - the box chain comes in a variety of different styles as well as sizes, colours and materials. But, the most common box chain is ones that are below 3mm thick. They are also perfect to hold pendants. 


  • Flexibility - compared to other types of chains the box chain lacks flexibility. The chain links aren’t able to twist from side to side. This limits the amount of movement that the chain has when worn. 
  • Easily catches on body hair - this is especially true for smaller box chains. The space between links is small, meaning it is easy for box hair to get trapped and pulled whilst wearing. 
  • Hard to clean - it can be difficult to clean between the box chain links as there isn’t much space between each one. 

What is a Cuban Link Chain? 

male wearing 8mm silver Cuban Link chain on neck

8mm Silver Miami Cuban Link by Sky Austria

The Miami Cuban link chain is a classic style of chain. Known for its bold look, it features thick and rounded links which interlink with each other. Cuban link chains come in a variety of styles like the prong, flat curb and even diamond encrusted. 


  • Durability - the Cuban chain is durable because of its thick and interlocking links. They are often thicker in size making them resistant to daily wear and tear and hard tugs. 
  • Versatile - the Cuban chain comes in a variety of styles. These include the Miami, Iced Out and Bevelled Cuban link. The chain is also available in an endless number of widths, materials and colours to choose from. 
  • Shiny - the Cuban chain has a flat and uniform surface making it super reflective when worn. 
  • Styling - because of how many different Cuban chain types there are, you can easily find a Cuban chain that suits any style. It can be worn with both smart and casual outfits.  
  • Timeless - despite the Cuban chain being so bold, the design is actually quite simple. This makes the Cuban chain a timeless design that will never go out of style.
  • Easy to repair - It is easy for a jeweller to fix a Cuban chain. Often all it takes is for the jeweller to solder the chain back together. 
  • Doesn't catch on hair - the spaces between Cuban links are large in comparison to other chains. This reduces the chances of the chain catching on hair


  • Hard to clean - the spaces between a Cuban link chain are quite hard to clean. It may require specialist tools to reach those hard to reach areas. 
  • Expensive - the Cuban chain is thicker, larger and heavier in nature. This bolsters up the price as it utilises more precious metals. 
  • Heavy - this can be both a pro or a con. The Cuban chain is one of the heaviest styles of chain. For some wearing a heavy chain on a daily basis can be uncomfortable. 

Want to learn more about the Cuban link chain? Check out our ultimate guide on the Cuban chain!

Differences Between The Box Chain And Cuban Link

  • Links - The box chain consists of box-shaped links. The Cuban chain consists of bold rounded links. The Cuban chain also tends to have much thicker links than the box chain.
  • Appearance - the box chain has a smoother and flatter appearance. The Cuban chain has a more 3D and bold appearance. 
  • Clasps - the box chain usually comes with a spring clasp, whilst the Cuban chain often uses lobster or box clasps. 
  • Versatility - The Cuban chain has many more options to choose from in comparison to the box chain. 
  • Styling - the box chain is easier to style with both formal and casual outfits. This is because it has a extremely simplistic design that suits both formal and casual outfits. 
  • Shine - The box chain has a smoother and flatter appearance than the Cuban chain. This allows the box chain to have greater shine than the Cuban. 
  • Price - because of how much thicker the Cuban chain is, it is much more expensive than the box chain. This is because it uses much more materials. 
  • Weight - Cuban chains are much heavier than box chains. This is because they feature much thicker and wider links. 
  • Durability - The Cuban chain has an edge over the box chain in terms of durability. This is because the chain features thicker and wider links. 

Box Chain vs Cuban Link: Which Is Better?

Which chain is better will depend on your personal preferences, how you plan to style it, your budget and many other factors. 

For those looking for a subtle, simplistic and shiny style of chain that is ideal for layering, and holding pendants and suits any occasion, then the box chain is for you. This is also a great chain to choose for those looking to get a chain but is on a budget. 

For those looking for a chain that has an iconic design, has a bolder look, is heavier and offers maximum durability, the Cuban link is the ideal chain. This chain is also perfect for those who don’t mind investing a bit more money into their chains.


Now that we have compared the box chain vs the Cuban link chain, you should have a better understanding of their pros, cons and differences. 

You should be able to confidently make a decision between the two chains based on the information presented here. For jewellers out there, this blog will have provided you with an easy way to explain to customers which one to buy if they ask. 

Whichever chain you choose, know that both these chains offer a timeless design and extreme durability. Wearing either of these chains is sure to elevate any outfit. 

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Are Box Chains Comfortable?

The box chain is comfortable. This is because the box chain has a simple four-sided design. In addition to this, box chains tend to be lighter than other types of chains making them a comfortable chain to wear on a daily basis. 

Are Box Chains Any Good?

Yes, box chains are good. The box chain is a highly durable chain that is versatile in styling. It is also good for those that are on a budget as it tends to be less expensive than other styles of chain. 

What Style Of Chain Is The Strongest?

Between the box chain and the Cuban link chain, the Cuban link is stronger. This is because the Cuban link has thicker and wider links. 

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