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Article: The Ultimate Cuban Chain Size Guide

8mm gold cuban chain on neck

The Ultimate Cuban Chain Size Guide

Are you tired of struggling to choose which Cuban chain size to get? Are you fearful that you’ll get the wrong size and that your chain will be too tight or too loose when it arrives? Don’t worry we’ll make the process of choosing much easier for you. In this Cuban chain size guide, we go through how to measure for a Cuban chain, the pros and cons of each width and length and choose the right size for your neck dimensions and style!

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Measuring Cuban Chains

Getting a measurement of your neck is essential for getting a proper fitting Cuban chain. If you skip this set you run the risk of getting a Cuban chain that is too tight or too loose.

The first way of measuring Miami Cubans is to take a piece of string and cut it to a desired length. Then wrap the string along your neck and join the two ends together as you would with a necklace. Make sure are standing in front of a mirror for this so you can see how it fits. Once you are happy with the length, measure the string with a ruler. Then round to the nearest standard measurement. Keep in mind that a Cuban chain will fit differently at various thicknesses.

Another method is to wrap a measuring tape around your neck and hold it as close to your skin as possible. Take whatever measurement you got and add 2 inches for a choker-like fit. Add 4 inches if you want a medium fit and add 6 inches for a looser fit. Again, keep in mind that a Cuban chain will fit differently depending on its thickness. 

Tips for measuring accurately

  • Measure from the base of the neck - this is the part of your neck where your shoulder connects with your neck. Make sure when measuring that it is not too light or loose. A good rule of thumb is to be able to fit a finger between the tape and your neck. 
  • Use a flexible measuring tape, string or strip of paper
  • Take multiple measurements - take 3 separate measurements and get the average of the three


Key considerations when deciding the perfect Cuban chain size

Cuban Chain Width 

cuban chain width

8mm Silver Miami Cuban Link In 20 Inch by Sky Austria

The width of a Cuban chain describes the thickness and diameter of the chain. This is measured as the distance between the outer edge of each end of the Cuban chain link. It’s important to choose the right width of your Cuban chain to ensure that you get the right length of the Cuban chain. Different widths of Cuban chains will also suit different outfits and styles better. 

How to measure the width of a Cuban chain

  1. Lay the Cuban chain on a flat surface or table. 
  2. Find the widest point of the chain and place a ruler over it. 
  3. Read the measurement from one edge of the chain to the other 
  4. The measurement you get is the width of the Cuban chain in inches or millimetres.

Tips to measure width accurately

  • Use a ruler that is clear so you can get a more accurate reading 
  • Ensure the chain is laying on a completely flat surface 
  • Ensure you are measuring from the widest point 
  • Measure at multiple points and take an average

Most popular widths

3mm silver cuban chain on neck

3mm Silver Cuban Link by Sky Austria

The most popular widths of Cuban chains based on search volume on Google include the 5mm, 8mm and 10mm Cuban chains. This is for good reason, at these widths the bold and rounded nature of the Cuban chain is clear. Thicker Cuban chains are great as a statement piece and are much more durable than thinner variations. 

The 3mm Cuban chain is also another popular width. At this width, the Cuban chain looks subtle. The bold and rounded nature of the Cuban chain is more low-key. At this width, the Cuban chain is perfect for layering with other pendants and chains. This width is also more appealing to females. 

Factors to consider when choosing Cuban chain width

  • Styling - think about how you are going to style the Cuban chain. If you plan on wearing it as a statement piece then go for a thicker one. For more of a subtle look every day, choose a thinner one. Also, think about what occasions you'll be wearing your Cuban chain. Finally, think about if the width of the Cuban chain allows you to layer it with other pendants and necklaces.
  • Neck size - you should aim to match the thickness of the Cuban chain to the thickness of your neck. A thicker Cuban chain will match a thicker neck, whilst a thinner one will match a thinner neck.
  • Comfort - think about how comfortable you want the Cuban chain to be when wearing it. If you like the feel of a heavy chain, then go for a thicker Cuban chain. For those who want a feather-light chain, then a thinner one is better suited for you.
  • Customisability - think about whether you are planning on adding gemstones, or stones of pendants to your Cuban chain. For those looking to add gemstones and stones, choosing a thicker Cuban chain will give you greater surface area to add on shiny stones. For those planning on adding pendants, a thinner Cuban chain is a must to ensure that the pendant can fit through the bail.
  • Budget - for those on a budget a thinner Cuban chain will be much cheaper than a thicker one.


Pros and cons of different widths of Cuban chain

Thin Cuban Chains (1-3mm)



  • Great for layering with other necklaces and pendants 
  • More affordable 
  • Lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear
  • Versatile - perfect for both men and women to wear. Also fits both smart and casual outfits. Can customise it with pendants.


  • Easier to tangle 
  • Hard to see the bold and rounded shape of the Cuban chain from afar 
  • Less durability than thicker variations

Medium Cuban Chains (4-6mm) 


  • Great for layering with other necklaces and pendants 
  • A good medium between statement and subtle 
  • Suitable for both smart and casual outfits
  • Better durability than thinner options


  • More delicate and smaller pendants won’t be able to fit onto this thickness of Cuban chain


Thick Cuban Chains (7-12mm)


  • The perfect statement piece 
  • Maximum durability and ability to withstand daily wear
  • The appearance of the Cuban chain truly shines at this width


  • Heavy to wear all-day 
  • More expensive 
  • Less versatile for styling with smart outfits and layering with other chains.  


Cuban Chain Length

cuban chain width

The length of a Cuban chain is the distance between the two ends of the Cuban chain. It can also be measured by the number of links that make up the chain. Choosing the right length is important to ensure your Cuban chain isn't too tight or loose. 

Popular Lengths Of Cuban Chains

The most popular lengths for a Cuban chain are between 18 to 22 inches. Within this range, the Cuban chain will fit just above the chest or directly middle of it. Any shorter or longer than this range and you run the risk of the Cuban chain being too tight or loose. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Length

  • Styling - consider how you are planning on styling the Cuban chain. If you are wearing it as a statement piece then a longer chain length is great. Longer Cuban chains also give off a relaxed look and therefore are great for casual outfits. For those looking to layer on chains alongside the Cuban chain, choose a shorter Cuban chain as a base piece. Shorter Cuban chains are also great for styling smart outfits.
  • Body size - Match the Cuban chain length to your body length. For those that are taller, a longer Cuban chain is ideal. For those who are shorter, a shorter Cuban chain will make more sense.
  • Comfort - a longer Cuban chain will always dangle and sway day to day. A shorter one will usually stay put. It can be especially uncomfortable if you have a heavy and long Cuban chain swaying all day on your neck.
  • Budget - for those on a budget, a shorter chain will often be less expensive than a longer one. This is because a shorter chain will have fewer links, and therefore use fewer materials.
  • Customisability - if you plan on adding a pendant to your Cuban chain, you may want to opt for a longer Cuban chain. This is to ensure that there is enough room for your pendant to hang and that it doesn't hang too high up.


Pros and cons of different Cuban chain lengths

Short Cuban Chains (16-18inch) 


  • Great as a base chain necklace for layering with other pendants and necklaces 
  • More practical day through the day to day activities as it won’t sway side to side


  • Not long enough to accommodate a pendant 
  • It doesn’t work well with turtlenecks or collared shirts
  • For some this length may fit like a choker
  • Doesn’t suit people who are taller

Medium Cuban Chain (18-20 inch) 


  • The most versatile range of lengths works great with layering with other chains and suits most outfits and styles
  • At this length usually falls perfectly above the middle of the chest 
  • Great for adding pendants onto 


  • May be too long to do vigorous physical activity like running


Long Cuban Chain (20-26+ inch)


  • Great length for statement pieces to catch people's eyes
  • Can work well for layering with shorter chains depending on the thickness
  • Great for turtle necks and wearing over a sweater or hoodie


  • Not practical for daily use, high chance of getting caught on something 
  • Not comfortable to wear. The chain can swing side to side constantly depending on the weight of the chain. 
  • Not great for high-neckline clothing
  • Doesn't suit people who are shorter

Choosing The Right Size Cuban Chain For Your Neck

Choosing the right Size Cuban chain is essential. This ensures it is comfortable to wear throughout the day around your neck. It also ensures that the size of the Cuban chain matches the dimensions of your neck.


How To Choose The Right Size Cuban Chain For Your Neck

  • Measure your neck properly with the methods mentioned before. Add 2-4 inches to this measurement for a comfortable length.  
  • Consider neck length - for those with a longer neck, a longer Cuban chain will match better. For those with a shorter neck, a shorter Cuban chain will match better. 
  • Consider neck thickness - for those with a thicker neck, a thicker Cuban chain will match better. For those with a thinner neck, a thin and delicate Cuban chain is better suited.


Choosing the right size Cuban chain for your style

5mm silver cuban chain on neck

You should also consider your personal style when choosing a Cuban chain size. Thicker and longer Cuban chains give a more relaxed vibe and are better suited for casual outfits. Thinner and tighter fitting Cuban chains look tidier, thus better suiting smart outfits. 


How to choose the right size Cuban chain for your style 

  • Minimalistic/subtle look - for those with a minimalistic style, a Cuban chain between 18 to 22 inches and 2 to 4mm width is perfect. At this width and length, the Cuban chain is more low-key and subtle. This is also more of a feminine-size Cuban chain.
  • Standard look - for those who want the Cuban chain to be the main part of their outfit a width between 4-5mm and length of 18 to 22 inches is perfect. At these widths, the thickness of the Cuban chain becomes easier to recognise. It can also be worn with both casual and smart outfits. At this size, the Cuban chain is both masculine and feminine.
  • Bold look - for those who really want to make a statement, a Cuban chain between 5-12mm in width and 20 - 22 inches is perfect. At this width, the Cuban chain becomes the main attraction in an outfit and really looks bold. This is also a more masculine size of the Cuban chain. 



In conclusion, measuring your neck and considering the width of a Cuban chain are essential steps in ensuring the perfect fit and style. Taking accurate measuring and considering key factors like neck size, comfort and budget can help you make an informed decision when choosing a Cuban chain. The most popular Cuban chain widths are 5mm, 5mm and 10mm for statement pieces. The 3mm Cuban is great for subtler looks and layering with other pendants and chains. 

Ultimately, the choice of Cuban chain size comes down to personal preference and style. With the right considerations, you can find the perfect fit and make a fashion statement!

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