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Article: Cuban Chain vs. Curb Chain: What’s The Difference?

gold cuban chain and curb chain

Cuban Chain vs. Curb Chain: What’s The Difference?

What is the difference between a Cuban Chain and Curb Chain? For many, this is a tough question to answer. At first glance, the Cuban chain and curb chain look identical which makes it a struggle for a buyer to choose between the two when the time comes. 

Learning about the differences between the two will allow you to make a more informed decision when buying. If you are a jeweller, this information is useful to provide for clients. 

In this blog post, we go over Cuban necklace chains vs curb chains and drill down into the differences.  We go through weight, appearance, flexibility and price. 

What Is The Difference Between Cuban And Curb Chains?

cuban chain and curb chain


Cuban chains have a greater link thickness and density making them heavier than a Curb chain. Comparing a Cuban chain and a curb chain at the same thickness and length, the Cuban chain will be heavier. 


The first difference between a Cuban and a curb chain is the appearance. When you first look at both a Cuban chain and a curb chain, the differences can be quite difficult to spot. Below are some distinct visual differences between the two!

Cuban chains have flat, rounded and thick links. Compared to a Curb chain, the Cuban chain has a bold and hard look, making it great to wear as a statement piece. Contrasting this, the Curb chain is a much more thin and flat chain. This gives the Curb chain an edge over the Cuban chain for shine. 

Link density is by far the most noticeable difference between the Cuban chain and the curb chain. A Cuban chain has a tighter and closer together link structure that eliminated gaps in the chain. Contrasting this, the curb chain has more loose and further apart links. 


The second difference between a Cuban and a curb chain is flexibility. Cuban chains have a closer link structure and greater link density. Because of this, the Cuban chain tends to be much less flexible but has the benefit of durability. This chain is one that can withstand the hardest of tugs and forces. 

Looking at the Curb chain has a lower density of links and the gaps between each one is much larger. This gives the Curb chain exceptional flexibility, but at the expense of durability. 

Maintenance Requirements

The third major difference between a Cuban and a curb chain is maintenance. Curb chains tend to be much easier to clean and don’t need as much looking after in comparison to a Cuban chain. 

This is because the Curb chain has larger gaps between each link, allowing you to clean each individual link well. Contrasting this the Cuban chain links are tightly packed, allowing dirt and grime to easily enter. This makes the Cuban chain difficult to clean. 


The final major difference between a Cuban and a curb chain is the price. Cuban chains tend to be much more expensive than curb chains for many reasons. 

The manufacturing processes used to make a Cuban chain are more complicated than a curb chain. Also, a Cuban chain of the same thickness and length as a curb chain will still use more materials. This is because each individual link of the Cuban chain is chunkier and denser than a Curb chain. The chain is also viewed as luxurious because of its well-known style and durability. These reasons combined make the Cuban chain a much more expensive chain to buy. 

Other factors can play into how expensive each of these chains are. These include thickness, length, diamond features, clasp type, materials used and even time of year. 



Now that we’ve gone through the Cuban chain vs curb chain, we hope you have a better understanding of the main differences between the two. We covered how they differ in weight, appearance and flexibility. 

Now that you are more informed about these chains, you’ll have no problem distinguishing the two whenever you are deciding to buy between the two. For those who are jewellers, we are confident these points will provide a simple way to explain the differences to potential clients. 

Both chains are perfect for adding that cherry on top of an outfit and help express personality, and identity and raise your status. 

Want to learn more about the Cuban chain specifically? Check out our ultimate guide to Cuban chains

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cuban chain collection



Are Curb Chains Good?

Yes, Curb chains are a good chain to get. They are a great alternative to the Cuban chain if you are looking for a chain that provides durability but isn't as thick. Curb chains have a minimalistic design that is timeless and pairs well with pendants. 

Which Type Of Chain Is The Best?

The best chain will depend on many factors. If you are looking for a highly durable chain that is bold and creates a statement then the Cuban chain is best for you. If you are looking for a chain that provides durability but is more lowkey and easy to clean, then the Curb chain is your best bet.


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Informative post. Clearly communicated and well support with images. Look forward to a post about Cuban vs rope chains in the future.


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