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Article: Curb Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is The Best?

gold curb chain and rope chain

Curb Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is The Best?

Stuck between the Curb chain or the rope chain? Need some guidance on which one would be the best fit for you? We’ve got you covered! Each one of these chains has it’s own set of pros, cons and differences that you need to know about before you make a purchasing decision. Understanding these differences will give you an idea of which chain is ideal for you.

In this blog, we compare the Curb chain vs the rope chain. We’ll highlight their pros and cons and explore durability, flexibility, appearance and much more! By the end of this, you should have a better understanding of each of these chains and feel confident choosing between these two popular chains.

The Curb Chain

gold curb chain


  • Durability - Curb chains are sturdy and can withstand daily wear and tear. This is because of its rigid and strong interlocking.
  • Versatility - You can choose from different materials and sizes of the Curb chain. There is truly a Curb chain out there for any style!
  • Timeless - the simple flat and rounded links of the Curb chain make it a timeless piece that will never go out of style.
  • Easy to style - As its design is simple, it can be styled with both formal and informal outfits with no problems. You can even go ahead and layer it alongside other styles of chains and pendants.
  • Easy to repair - The simple link structure makes it easy to repair. Often a broken Curb will just require basic soldering.
  • Less likely to get caught in hair - gaps between each link on a Curb chain are larger than other styles of chain. This makes them resistant to getting caught on hair.
  • Shine - the flat surface of the Curb chain allows the chain to have superior shine compared to other styles of chain.
  • Lightweight - the flat, thin and long nature of the Curb chain makes it lighter than other styles of chains. This makes it suitable for daily wear.


  • Prone to tangling - links on a Curb chain are interlocking, meaning they are more likely to tangle. For some, this can be annoying to adjust throughout the day.
  • Lack of customisation - the Curb chain is very flat, meaning it is hard to inset with diamonds or stones.
  • Limited flexibility - the links of a Curb chain are connected at 90-degree angles. This restricts the overall movement that chain has.

The Rope Chain 
male wearing 3mm gold rope chain

3mm 18k Gold Plated Rope Chain By Sky Austria


  • Less prone to tanglingRope necklaces don't have an interlocking chain structure. This makes them highly resistant to tangling and a great choice for everyday wear.
  • Easy to style - The rope chain is easy enough to style. Wear it on its own for a more subtle look or layered with other chains and pendants for more of a statement look.
  • Sparkly - The twisted structure of the rope chain allows it to reflect light like no other chain can. The rope chain is sure to catch the eyes whenever worn.
  • Timeless - Like the Curb chain, the rope chain is a timeless chain that will never go out of style.
  • Price - Compared to other styles of chain, a rope chain is often an affordable option.


  • Heavy - the cylindrical shape of the rope chain makes it heavier than other styles of chain. For some, wearing a heavy chain can be uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis.
  • Hard to repair - The rope chain consists of many links twisted into one another. This complex chain structure makes it extremely hard to repair, even for a jeweller.
  • Lack of customisation - each lin on the Rope chain has a small surface area. This makes it difficult to inset diamonds or stones into the chain.
  • Limited flexibility - the non-interlocking style of the rope chain makes it rigid.
  • Maintenance - cleaning between links of a rope chain is difficult as they are tightly packed together.

Learn more about the rope chain by reading out guide which covers everything you need to know about rope chains

Differences Between The Curb Chain And Rope Chain:

  • Appearance - the Curb chain consists of one sized wide circular or oval links that are flat on both sides. Whilst the rope chain consists of many small links that form a rope-like pattern.
  • Issues with tangling - The rope chain has greater resistance to tangling than the Curb chain. This is because the rope chain doesn't have any interlocking links.
  • Shine - The Curb chain has a greater shine than the rope chain. This is because each link is much flatter.
  • Sparkle - The rope chain has much greater sparkle than the rope chain. This is because the twisted link structure of the chain catches the light in a particular way that flat chains can’t.
  • Weight - the Rope chain tends to be heavier than the Curb chain. This is because the chain is cylindrical, whilst the Curb chain is flatter and much thinner.
  • Price - The rope chain is more affordable than the Curb chain.
  • Repairability - The Curb chain is easier to repair than the Rope chain. This is because the chain has a relatively simple link structure in comparison to the rope chain.

Curb Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Should You Get?

The rope chain is great for those that are looking for a durable chain that has that sparkle factor and feels heavy around the neck. This is also the perfect chain for those who are on a budget but still want to get some jewellery.

The Curb chain is ideal for those looking for a chain that is lightweight, and flexible but still offers great durability. This is a must-have chain for those looking for something that is clean and sleek looking with a bit of shine.


After reading this blog post that compares the Curb chain vs rope chain, you should now be more aware of each of their pros and cons. You should carefully consider all of the points mentioned above, as well as your own personal preferences, style and priorities when making a decision.

The Curb chain emerges the excellent choice for someone looking for a durable, versatile and easy-to-repair chain. It is a chain that has a timeless design and superior shine, that is both sleek and lightweight.

But, if you really need a chain that is resistant to tangle, sparkles in the light and is affordable, the Rope chain is ideal for you.

Ultimately, whether you opt for the Curb chain or the Rope chain, you'll have a stylish and versatile piece of jewellery piece!

rope chain collection

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