Different Types Of Cuban Link Chains You Need To Know About

Different Types Of Cuban Link Chains You Need To Know About

The Cuban link chain is a popular chain worn by both men and women. They are known for their round, bold and thick interlocking links. There are various types of Cuban link chains to choose from, each with its own unique look and features. 

In this blog, we will explore the different types of Cuban link chains. We explore the Miami Cuban link chain, the Iced out of Diamond Cuban Link Chain, the Classic / Flat Cuban Link Chain, the Prong Cuban Chain and the Gucci Cuban Link Chain. We'll go over the features and the differences of each type of chain to help you make a decision on which one to buy!

Miami Cuban Link Chain

8mm Miami Cuban Link chain

8mm Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain by Sky Austria

The Miami Cuban link is a round, bold and thick variation of the Cuban link. This is also the most common and popular style of Cuban link. Coming in a variety of widths, this chain is great for daily wear or as a statement piece. 

Main Characteristics Of The Miami Cuban Link Chain

  • The main characteristic of these types of Cuban links is that they are much thicker and rounder. 
  • Materials - usually made from precious metals like gold and silver. Can be made from non-precious metals like stainless steel and brass. 
  • Clasp - the Miami Cuban link chain usually has a lobster clasp as they are much stronger and simpler to use.
  • These chains can also be encrusted with diamonds to make an Iced-out Cuban link chain. 

Iced Out / Diamond Cuban Link Chain 
iced out Cuban Link chain

Iced Out Cuban Link Chain on Etsy

Iced-out Cuban link chains are Cuban chains that have encrusted diamonds or gemstones. These are the perfect statement for a night out. 

Main Characteristics Of The Iced Cuban link

  • The main characteristics of the Iced-out Cuban links are that they tend to be much thicker in width. The thicker width provides more surface area for diamonds and gemstones. 
  • The links on a Diamond Cuban link chain are usLiketer. It is easier to set stones on a flat surface compared to a rounded one. But, you can still find Diamond Cuban links with rounded links.
  • Materials - usually made from precious metals or softer metals such as brass. It is hard to encrust diamonds on harder materials such as stainless steel. Common stones used for iced Cuban links include moissanite, cubic zirconia or diamonds. 
  • The Iced out Cuban link often comes with a box clasp. This provides more surface area to customise with gemstones or diamonds. 

Iced Cuban Chain Variations

There are various types of Iced-out Cuban link chains to choose from. 

silver baguette Cuban link chain

Silver Baguette Cuban Link by Gold Presidents

Baguette Cuban links are encrusted with baguette cut diamonds. This gives it a more luxurious and high-end look. They have a more squarish look and each individual stone is larger. The baguette Cuban link is highly reflective and shiny. 

gold pave Cuban link chain

Gold Pave Cuban Link Chain by Diamonds By Ace

Pave Cuban link chains are another type of Iced-out Cuban link. These chains consist of smaller circular diamonds encrusted onto the Cuban chain. This type of chain tends to be much more sparkly compared to the baguette Cuban. 

Classic / Flat Cuban Link Chain 

flat Cuban link chainGold Flat Cuban Chain by The Gold Gods

This type of Cuban chain features flatter links and is usually wider than the Miami Cuban link chain. These tend to be less bold and are great for those looking for a Cuban chain that is more subtle. The flat Cuban link chain is also known as the Curb Cuban link chain. 

Characteristics Of The Flat Cuban Link

  • As the name suggests these Cuban links are much flatter than a regular Miami Cuban link. Each individual link is also much smaller. 
  • Materials - usually made from precious metals like silver and gold. Can also be made with non-precious metals such as stainless steel and brass. 
  • Thickness - the Flat Cuban link chain is thinner and lighter than the Miami Cuban link. They are better as subtle chains and for those who don’t like the heavy feel of a chain on their neck. 
  • Clasp - usually the clasp of a flat Cuban link chain will be a lobster clasp. 


Bevelled Cuban Link Chain 

gold bevelled Cuban link chain

Bevelled Gold Cuban Chain by Stewart Dawson

Bevelled Cuban links are similar to a standard Cuban link, however has greater bevel on the edges of each link. This gives the chain a more 3D look. 

Characteristics Of The Bevelled Cuban Chain

  • The bevelled Cuban link chain tends to be flatter and wider than the Miami Cuban link chain. The bevel of the Cuban link will make the Cuban chain stand out much more. 
  • Materials - Bevelled Cuban links are made from precious metals such as silver and gold. Also can be made from non-precious metals such as stainless steel and brass. 
  • Clasp - usually the clasp of a bevelled Cuban link chain will be a lobster clasp. 


Prong Cuban Chain 

gold and silver prong cuban chain

Prong Cuban Link Chain on Etsy 

Prong Cuban chain is a Cuban link with square-shaped links. This gives a more angular and sharp look. The Prong Cuban chain is also referred to as the "square Cuban chain". The Prong Cuban is often encrusted with diamonds or gemstones as they have a flat surface perfect for customisation. This type of Cuban can also be considered a variation of the Iced-out Cuban link. 

Characteristics Of The Prong Cuban Chain

  • Materials - the Prong Cuban chain is usually encrusted with stones or diamonds. This means that the chains are usually made from softer metals including gold, silver and brass. It is uncommon to find a prong Cuban chain made from materials like stainless steel. Common stones used on the Prong Cuban chain include cubic zirconia, diamonds and moissanite. 
  • Width - the prong Cuban chain tends to be much wider than other Cuban chains. This allows the most amount of diamonds or stones to be encrusted on the chain. 
  • Clasp - often the prong Cuban chain has a box clasp. This allows the clasp to also be customised with gemstones or stones. 


Gucci Cuban Link Chain 

rose gold and silver Gucci Cuban Link chain

Gold And Silver Gucci Cuban Link by Alpha Essence

Gucci Cuban link chains feature occasional Gucci links within their chain pattern. These Gucci links are characterised by their G-shaped links. 

Most of the time the Gucci Cuban link is iced out with diamonds or gemstones. Because of this, it can be considered a type of Iced-out Cuban link chain. 

This type of Cuban chain is much harder to find. They are great as a statement piece for a night out.

Characteristics Of The Gucci Cuban Link

  • Thickness - the Gucci Cuban link chain tends to be super thick and rounded most of the time.  
  • Width - Gucci Cuban link chains are thicker than most other types of Cuban link chains. 
  • Clasp - the Gucci Cuban link chain will often have a box clasp. This allows for more customisation with gemstones or stones. 
  • Materials - because the Gucci Cuban link is encrusted with stones or diamonds it is made using softer metals like gold, silver and brass. The types of stones used for a Gucci Cuban link can range from cubic zirconia to diamonds or moissanite.


In conclusion, the number of different types of Cuban Link chains to choose from is endless. You are sure to find a Cuban link chain that offers a style suitable to your individual preferences. 

From classic Miami Cuban links to Gucci Cuban links and Prong Cuban chains, there is something out there for everyone!

The Cuban chain is such a versatile piece of jewellery. It can be worn with any outfit on any occasion, making this chain a great addition to your jewellery collection. 

To learn more about the Cuban link chain, check out our blog post which covers everything you need to know about the Cuban link

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