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Article: Figaro Chain vs Cuban Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

Figaro Chain vs Cuban Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

Figaro Chain vs Cuban Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing between the Cuban chain and the Figaro chain can be a daunting task if you don't know the differences between the two. Choosing the wrong chain is costly, time-consuming and frustrating. Also figuring out which chain suits your style and needs can be tricky. 

In this blog post, we compare the Figaro chain vs Cuban chain. We’ll go through what each chain is, the pros and cons of each and come up with a conclusion on which would suit you better!

What Is A Figaro Chain? 

female wearing 3mm gold Figaro chain on neck

3mm Figaro Necklace in Gold by Sky Austria

The Figaro chain necklace is known for its unique chain pattern which consists of one elongated oval link followed by two to three circular ones. This pattern is repeated to form the Figaro chain. 



  • Durable - soldered links make them hard to break apart compared to other types of chains. 
  • Heavy - each individual link of the Figaro is thick and heavy. 
  • Versatile - the Figaro chain comes in a range of sizes and materials, meaning there is one for everyone out there. The simple and sleek chain designs make it ideal for smart and casual outfits. It is also a great unisex piece.
  • Price - compared to other chains like the Cuban chain, the Figaro chain is much more affordable. 
  • Timeless - the Figaro chain has been around for a while now, and it goes out of style and isn’t happening anytime soon. 
  • Repair - easy to repair, all you have to do is take it to a jeweller and they should be able to repair it with ease.
  • Cleaning - gaps between links are much large, thus cleaning between links is much easier compared to other chains.
  • Flexibility - the thinner links of the Figaro chain provides it with more flexibility than chunkier chains.
  • Design - the Figaro chain is often called the “mutant chain” and for good reason. The alternating link sizes are something you don’t see with any other type of chain.



  • Prone to tangling - like other chains that have interlinking links, the Figaro chain is prone to tangling. This is also because of their alternative-sized links.
  • Heavy - some people may not like the heavier feel of a Figaro chain around the neck 24/7

For more information about the Figaro chain, have a read of our Figaro chain guide.

What Is A Cuban Chain? 

male wearing 8mm gold cuban link chain on neck

8mm Cuban Chain Gold by Sky Austria

The Cuban chain consists of round interlocking links. When worn, it lays flat on the chest. 

Looking at the chain from the side, it has a thick rounded and bold look. 

The Cuban Link gained popularity in the 1970s to 1980s, as more hip-hop artists start wearing them.



  • Durable - The durability of this comes from its interlocking thick links. They are also heavier than other types of chains, reducing the chances of breaking.
  • Versatility - The options for Cuban chains are endless. Shop from different widths, lengths, colours and materials. You can even find Cuban chains that feature diamonds and gemstones. You'll easily find a Cuban chain that suits your style.
  • Repair - Cuban chains are easy for jewellers to repair as their link structure is simple. 
  • Design - Everyone recognises the bold, chunky and rounded look of  Cuban chain, and for good reason. This style of chain is popular and is a safe first chain for anyone looking to get into jewellery.



  • Maintenance / Cleaning - cleaning between links on the Cuban chain is difficult. This is because each link is closely interlinked.
  • Price - The thickness of the Cuban chain means it will often cost much more than other types of chains. Using more materials to create this thickness will drive up costs.
  • Prone to tangling - this only applies to thinner Cuban chains that lack weight. But Cuban chains between 1 - 3mm often tangle and need adjusting throughout the day. 
  • Heavy - this is both a positive and negative depending on how you look at it. For those who don’t enjoy having the weight of a heavy chain on their neck all day, the Cuban chain is not ideal.
  • Design - the simplistic design of the Cuban chain means that this isn’t a very unique chain design. For some, the Cuban chain design may be too boring.

 Need more information on the Cuban chain? Read out our Cuban Link guide.


What Are The Differences Between The Figaro And Cuban Chain? 

  • Appearance - The Cuban chain has round, bold and interlocking links. The Figaro chain has one to two circular links followed by an oval one. 
  • Durability - The Cuban chain is just a bit more durable than the Figaro chain. This is due to each individual link being much thicker than that of a Figaro chain. 
  • Versatility - The Figaro chain's sleek and thin design makes it suitable for smart and casual outfits. It is also more appropriate for males and females to wear. The Cuban chain is best suited for casual outfits and is harder to style with smart ones. 
  • Weight - Each link in a Cuban chain is thicker and bolder than in a Figaro chain. Also, the Cuban chain has a greater link density than the Figaro. Both of these factors make the Cuban chain heavier than the Figaro. 
  • Width - the Cuban chain is much wider than a Figaro chain most of the time. 
  • Price - Cuban chains cost more than Figaro chains. This is because they have a greater link density and thickness. This means Cuban chains will use more metals than a Figaro chains. The Cuban chain design is also iconic, which is why jewellers tend to price it higher. 
  • Cleaning / Maintenance requirements - Cuban chains are harder to clean than Figaro chains. This is because the Cuban chain has smaller gaps between links compared to the Figaro. This makes it harder to clean between links.

Figaro Chain vs Cuban Chain: Which One Should You Get? 

Whether the Cuban chain or Figaro chain is best for you will depend on many factors. 

The Figaro chain is a great piece for those looking for a chain that is versatile. The Figaro chain is ideal for both smart and casual outfits. The chain is great as a subtle jewellery piece or layered with other chains to create a dynamic look. It is also the perfect piece for both males and females to wear as it is more delicate. Figaro chains are also less commonly worn, so adding them to an outfit creates a unique look. At the same time, the chain is great for those on a budget.


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The Cuban chain is the ideal chain for those looking to create a bolder-looking outfit. This chain is best suited for casual types of outfits, but can even be worn with smart outfits at thinner widths. The Cuban chain was meant to be bold, and at thicker widths, the chain looks incredible. This is a must-have for those with a greater budget as it offers iconic designs and maximum durability. 

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We have now covered all there is to know about the Figaro chain vs the Cuban chain. You should now understand the pros and cons of each and how they differ. This should give you a better idea of which one would best suit your needs. 

You should now know more about each of these chains and be able to make a more logical decision when purchasing. For the jewellers out there, this blog provided you with a guideline on how to explain to your clients which one they should get. 



Who Wears Figaro Chains? 

The great aspect of Figaro chains is that anyone can wear them. Their subtle and delicate look makes the suitable for both men and women. 

Historically speaking, Figaro chains were worn most commonly by men in Italy. This is because the Figaro chain originated from there. 


What Is Special About The Figaro Chain?

What differentiates the Figaro chain from other chains is its link pattern. The Figaro consists of two to three circular links followed by an oval one. This irregularity is something you don't see with any other type of chain. 


Are Figaro Chains Out Of Style?

Although Figaro chains are less commonly worn, their popularity hasn’t died down. They have been popular for years and continue to be popular amongst both men and women. It is a timeless accessory that suits any outfit or occasion.

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