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Article: Franco Chain vs Cuban Link: Which One Is Better?

gold franco chain and cuban link

Franco Chain vs Cuban Link: Which One Is Better?

Unsure of whether you should get the Franco chain or the Cuban chain? We understand how difficult it can be to choose between these two chains as they have such contrasting looks. 

In this blog, we explain what each chain is, and compare the Franco chain vs the Cuban link chain. We'll go over the pros, cons, and differences and come up with the final answer to which chain is better.  

What Is A Franco Chain? 

gold figaro chain

The Franco chain has similar links to a curb chain and consists of two to four curbs interlinked with each other. Each individual link known as a chevron link in a franco chain forms a distinctive V pattern.

The name of this chain came from the Italian jewellery design which came up with this style of chain. 


  • Durability - their V-shaped links make it a sturdy and durable chain that will last you a lifetime. 
  • Resistant to tangling - their V-shaped design makes it difficult for links to tangle..
  • Strength - Interlinking V-shaped links means this chain can handle daily use and won't break if pulled on. This means it is also great for holding pendants.
  • Versatility - the Franco chain suits many occasions and works well paired with other pendants or necklaces. This is also a great unisex chain. Wear it as a statement piece at thicker widths, or layer with other chains at thinner widths. 
  • Timelessness - the Franco chain design is a simple but timeless design and will never go out of trend.
  • Repair - it is generally quite easy for a jeweller to solder a Franco chain link together again if it does break. 
  • Modern - seeing someone wear a Franco chain is a refreshing sight. They give off a much more modern, unique and trendy feel that elevates any style.


  • Maintenance - tightly packed links featured in the Franco chain make it hard to get a thorough clean of the chain. This is especially true for cleaning between each link and trying to reach gaps between links.
  • Customisation - the Franco chain isn't flat, so you won't be able to customise it with gemstones or diamonds. 
  • Price - the thick nature of the Franco chain makes it more expensive than other types of chains. This is true for Franco chains made from precious metals.


The cost of a Franco chain will depend on many factors. This includes the length, thickness, materials used and clasps used. 

A Franco chain made from precious metals will be more expensive than ones made from non-precious metals. If your Franco chain uses gold, the purity levels will affect how expensive the chain is. For example, an 18k gold variation will be more expensive than a 9k gold one. 

Thicker and longer Franco chains will be more expensive than shorter thinner variations. This is because they will tend to use more materials. 

What Is A Cuban Chain? 

5mm gold cuban link chain on neck

5mm Gold Plated Cuban Link Chain By Sky Austria

The Cuban chain features bold and round links that interlink with each other to form a flat chain. From the front this chain is flat, but from the side the roundness of the Cuban becomes clear. 

The flat surface of a Cuban chain also makes it one of the shinier chain necklaces out there.



  • Durability - their thick interlocking link structure makes them suitable for daily wear and resistance to strong tugs. 
  • Timeless - the Cuban chain is a classic chain that will never be out of style. 
  • Versatility - the Cuban chain comes in a variety of sizes, designs and materials. You'll be able to find one that matches your outfit and style.
  • Customisation - the flat surface of the Cuban chain is perfect for customising with gemstones and diamonds to add a personal touch. 
  • Repair - the simple structure of the Cuban chain makes repairing easy for a jeweller. 


  • Design - The Cuban chain is very common and worn by many. For those that are looking for a chain that is unique and more out there the Cuban chain may be too simple and common for you. 
  • Maintenance - cleaning between links of the Cuban chain is difficult.
  • Price - Cuban chains tend to be one of the more expensive types of chains. The bold links of the Cuban use lots of materials. In addition to this, the Cuban chain is associated with wealth and royalty. 



Like the Franco chain, the price of a Cuban chain will depend on the materials used, length, width, clasp and brand. 

One of the main factors that determine the price of a Cuban chain is the purity of gold it uses. Higher karats of gold will lead to a higher price for your Cuban chain. 

Some other factors to consider are width and length. Thicker and longer Cuban chains are more expensive than thin and short ones.

If your Cuban chain has gemstones or diamonds on it, this will also increase the price. 

Learn more about the Cuban chain by reading our complete blog post on Cuban chains


Differences Between The Cuban Chain And Franco Chain

  • Appearance - the Cuban chain has a rounded and bold link structure, whilst the Franco chain has a box appearance with V-shaped links.
  • Finish - the Cuban chain has a smoother finish as the chain is completely flat on the neck. The franco chain has a four-sided boxy appearance that isn't as smooth and reflective.
  • Chain structure - the Cuban chain consists of rounded chunky links.  The Franco chain consists of interlinked V-shaped links.
  • Shine - The flat structure of a Cuban chain reflects light much smoother than the rough texture of a Franco chain. 
  • Durability -  The Franco chain's greater interlinking makes the chain slightly more durable than a Cuban chain.
  • Weight - Even though Franco chains consist of four sides, the Cuban chain is still heavier. This is because each individual link in a Cuban is thicker and heavier. 
  • Price - Cuban chains of the same material, length and specification will be more expensive than Franco chains. 
  • Versatility - the Franco chain comes out on top for this one. The Franco chain is much more subtle making it perfect for both informal and formal outfits. The Cuban chain’s bold look is best for casual everyday wear and can be quite hard to work into smart outfits.

Franco Chain vs Cuban Link: Which One Is Better

To answer this question, it depends. Both offer great durability, and appearance, feel heavy and are well-known and timeless. 

The Franco chain is a great piece for those looking for a chain that suits many occasions. This chain is not as commonly worn. so for those looking for unique chain, this is ideal. Style this chain with both formal and informal outfits with ease as it is more of a subtle chain. Layer with other chains or pendants as well. The possibilities of styling with this chain are endless.

The Cuban chain is the perfect piece for those looking for a chain necklace that creates a statement. The bold and rounded nature of the Cuban chain catches the eye, making it perfect as a statement piece. This chain is also great for holding heavier types of pendants. 


We hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between the Franco chain vs the Cuban link chain. We covered all the pros, cons, price differences and major differences between the two chains. 

You should now be more aware of these two chains and should have no problem choosing between the two when purchasing!

Both chains offer great durability, style and timelessness. For those looking for a chain for layering and styling with other chains, the Franco chain is perfect. For those looking to create a statement, the Cuban chain is the way to go. 

Both chains are a great addition to any jewellery collection and offer endless possibilities for styling, so you can't go wrong with either of them!

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