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Article: The History Of The Cuban Link Chain

8mm Miami Cuban Link chain in silver on female neck

The History Of The Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban chain is a must-have jewellery piece in anyone's wardrobe. It is simplistic, bold, and durable and can be styled with almost any outfit. Everyone is familiar with the bold Cuban chain design, but, you may have asked yourself, where did they even come from? When was the first one made? And why are they called Cuban chains?

In this blog post, we cover the history of the Cuban link chain. We cover what the Cuban chain is, where it originated from, and how has it changed over time. We’ll even offer some suggestions for buying high-quality Cuban chains at the end of this post!

What Are Cuban Chains?

male wearing silver 8mm miami cuban link chain on neck

8mm Silver Miami Cuban by Sky Austria

The Cuban chain has thick and interlocking links as it is a wide sturdy type of chain. Because of this, it is common to find Cuban chains in the form of a bracelet or anklets.

Often the Cuban chains are made from precious metals like gold or silver. But, the Cuban chain can also be made from stainless steel or brass.

The variations of Cuban chains are endless. Find Cuban chains that are thick or thin, or customise them with diamonds or gemstones. There is a Cuban chain out there for everyone!

Are They Actually Cuban?

8mm gold cuban chain lobster clasp

8mm Gold Miami Cuban Link by Sky Austria

Despite the name, Cuban chains have no direct connections with Cuba. The design of the Cuban chain is not tied to any particular country. But, the chain first gained it's popularity in Miami in the late 20th century. That’s why you’ll often hear the chain referred to as the “Miami Cuban Link Chain”

The reason for the having word “Cuban’ is unknown. But, looking at it subjectively, the word “Cuban” adds a sense of luxury and prestige to the chain. It could be that the name came from the styles of chains commonly seen in Cuba. Nobody knows the true reason why this chain is called the Cuban chain, which adds an element of mystery to it.

Where Did It Start?

dj Khalid with Cuban Chain

The exact origin of the Cuban chain is unknown, but, its popularity stemmed from hip-hop culture. The chain first appeared in the late 1970s, and since has become a favourite in the fashion and jewellery world.

Because of its rich history and bold and simplistic design, it is loved and worn by many celebrities including Jay Z, Dj Khalid, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna.

How Has It Changed?

iced prong Cuban Link chain

Like with any piece of jewellery, over time the Cuban chain has evolved. It has changed in terms of design, cultural significance, styling, fashion and even gender.

The first way that the Cuban chain has changed is in design. The Cuban chain will always be known for its bold, thick and interlocking links, but, over the years the Cuban chain has developed in style. Choose from different thicknesses, lengths and styles to iced-out Cubans. There is a wide range of Cuban chains which you can now choose from.

The second way they have changed is its cultural significance. In the past, the Cuban link chain was associated with the hip-hop community. But, over time the Cuban chain has become much more of a luxury piece of jewellery.

The third way that Cuban chains have changed over time is through styling. In the past, the Cuban chain was usually worn as a bold statement piece on its own. Now, it's not uncommon to see the Cuban chain styled with thick iced-out pendants.

The final way that Cuban chains have changed is their associations with fashion and gender. In the past, Cuban chains were seen as masculine pieces of jewellery worn by men. Now with so many sizes and styles to choose from, the chain is appealing for both men and women to wear.

Where Can I Find A Quality Cuban Chain?

Finding a quality Cuban chain is essential. Higher-quality Cuban chains will elevate your style whilst also being long-lasting.  At Sky Austria, we supply affordable, high quality and durable Cuban chains that can’t be matched.


Now that we have gone over the history of the Cuban link chain, you should be more familiar with the history and background of this iconic chain. The history of the Cuban chain is filled with mystery and development. From its rise in popularity within the hip-hop community to its current perception as a luxury piece. The Cuban chain has certainly changed over the years.

Whilst the exact origin and reason for this chain’s name are still shrouded in mystery, this piece remains a timeless and iconic piece that is a must-have for any wardrobe.

Want to learn more about the Cuban Chain? Check out our blog which covers all the common questions around the Cuban Chain

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