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Article: How To Clean A Cuban Link Chain

5mm silver Cuban link chain on male neck

How To Clean A Cuban Link Chain

Are you tired of seeing your Miami Cuban link chains lose its colour over time? Do you struggle to clean your Cuban chain despite trying your hardest? If so, you’re not alone. Many face the same challenge of trying to keep their Cuban chains looking good as new with daily wear and tear. This is especially a problem for gold-plated Cuban chains, which fade more quickly.

In this blog we go over how to clean a Cuban link chain properly, to prevent your Cuban chains from going dull. We discuss why it's important, the methods of cleaning and give some tips on things to avoid. 

Importance Of Keeping Your Cuban Chain Clean

female wearing 8mm Silver Cuban link chain on neck

8mm Miami Silver Cuban Link Chain by Sky Austria

It is important to keep your Cuban link chain clean for many reasons. Over time the metals on your Cuban link chain can fade due to exposure to oxygen, sweat or sulfur. This is especially true for gold-plated Cuban links. If you wear your Cuban chain whilst you sleep, apply perfumes and moisturisers or to the gym constant exposure to outside elements can lead to fading. 

Cleaning your Cuban link gets rid of any acids, oils and dirt on the surface of the chain. It keeps your Cuban links looking brand new all day and keeps gold plating from fading away. 

Cleaning Your Cuban Link Chain 

Cleaning your Cuban link chains can be tricky. The tight interlocking structure of a Cuban chain makes it difficult to clean between links. But cleaning your Cuban chain is essential in restoring shine and lengthening its life span. 

There are many methods of cleaning your Cuban chains. Here are some of the best ways we've found. 


Using Dishsoap

The first method involves using a soft bristle toothbrush, soft cloth and mild dish soap. It is important to use soap that is mild, this includes unscented or dish soap.  This method is the best option for gold-plated pieces as it is the least harsh method. 

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution by putting a bit of warm water and mild soap together in a bowl. Only use a small amount of soap to prevent any residue from staying on the chain. 
  2. Dip your soft toothbrush into the solution and clean the chain. When doing this be gentle and put more effort into high dirt build-up areas. Also, ensure that you use a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid scratching your Cuban.
  3. Then wash off any remaining soap on the Cuban chain using lukewarm water. 
  4. Finally, take a soft cloth or paper towel and pat dry the Cuban chain. This will remove any excess water. Avoid drying with a hairdryer or with heat as gold is a malleable and soft metal. 

If you have a solid gold Cuban chain, then here are some other ways you can try which are a bit more aggressive. 


Using Baking Soda

The first method involves using baking soap and water. 

  1. Mix baking soda, dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water into one bowl.
  2. Put the Cuban chain in the bowl and leave for 5-10 minutes 
  3. Wipe down the gold Cuban link with a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Avoid drying with a hairdryer or with heat as gold is a malleable and soft metal. 


Using Beer

The second method involves using beer. Beer is an acidic solution, making it great for preventing rust and polishing up gold Cubans. For this just pour beer onto a cloth and wipe down your Cuban chain.


Using An Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you have the budget, investing in an ultrasonic cleaner is great. Not only will this save you cleaning time, but it tends to be much more effective. For this just put your Cuban chain into the water and set the cleaner into the correct mode. 


Get It Professionally Cleaned

If you are fearful of cleaning your Cuban chain wrong and damaging it, it is best to take it to a jeweller. The jeweller will apply a special jewellery cleaner and brush using a soft bristle brush. They will then rinse it off and dry it with a soft cloth. When they are done, they may also apply a protective coating to maintain the chain's shine. 

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Cuban Link Chains

  • Avoid using cleaning materials with harsh chemicals, like chlorine or perfumes. 
  • Avoid using extremely hot water to clean your Cuban link chains. Hot water can cause gold to melt and can damage your Cuban chains. 
  • Avoid using heat to dry your Cuban chains. Heat can cause gold to melt, change shape and overall damage the chain. This is especially true for gold and gold-plated Cuban chains. 


In conclusion, keeping your Cuban link chain clean is essential for keeping it looking brand new and lengthening its life span. Regular cleaning of your Cuban link removes dirt, acids and oils from the surface of the chain. This reduces the chances of damage and dulling to your Cuban.

After reading this blog, you should now have a better idea of how to clean a Cuban link chain. The various methods we went through included using mild soap, baking soda and even beer. When cleaning your Cuban chains, avoid using harsh chemicals, hot water and heat drying, especially with gold Cuban chains. If you're still unsure about how to clean your Cuban link chain and want it done safely, take it to a jeweller for professional cleaning. 

With proper care and maintenance, your Cuban link chain can continue to catch the eyes and be a cherished accessory for years to come. 

Learn more about the Cuban link chain by reading our blog which covers everything you need to know about the Cuban link chain



How Do You Clean A Cuban Silver Link? 

You clean a Cuban silver link the same way you would clean any other Cuban chain. The easiest method for cleaning a silver Cuban chain is to mix dish soap and water in a bowl, dip a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub off the dirt off the chain. 


How Do You Clean Between Cuban Links? 

To clean between Cuban links you will need a soft-bristled brush. The bristles of a brush should allow you to clean those hard-to-reach and stubborn areas of dirt with ease. 


Do Cuban Links Tarnish? 

This will depend on what your Cuban chain is made of. During the cleaning process, your Cuban links shouldn’t tarnish as long as they are made from non-tarnishing materials like stainless steel. 

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