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Article: How To Open A Cuban Link Chain: A Step-By-Step Guide

opening a gold cuban chain using lobster clasp

How To Open A Cuban Link Chain: A Step-By-Step Guide


Struggling to remove your Cuban link chain? Sometimes It can be hard to wrestle with an unfamiliar clasp. We’ve all been there, desperately trying to free our necks from the grasp of a stubborn clasp. 

In this blog post, we go over exactly how to open a Cuban link chain. We cover the steps you need to take, the different types of clasps and how to use each one. We’ll even go over some other methods of opening Cuban links using pliers! 


Taking Off The Cuban Link Chain Using The Clasp

Step 1: Identify The Type Of Cuban Link Chain Clasp You Are Dealing With 

There are a few types of clasps that are used for Cuban link chains. These include the lobster clasp, box clasp, toggle clasp, and spring ring clasp. Here are some brief descriptions for each one. 

lobster clasp on 8mm gold cuban link chain

Lobster Clasp - features a spring-loaded mechanism that opens and closes with a lever. 



box chain clasp on gold cuban chain

Box Chain Gold Cuban Chain by BlackJack Jewelry

Box clasp - features a box that fits securely into a hollow frame, which locks the box into place. Usually, this type of clasp also features safety clips.  


toggle clasp on cuban chain

Toggle Clasp Cuban Chain on Etsy

Toggle clasp - features a T-shaped bar on one end of the chain secured through a circular or rectangular loop on the other side.


spring clasp cuban chain

Spring Ring Clasp Cuban Chain by Amazon

Spring ring clasp - similar to a lobster clasp, but smaller. Features a round spring-loaded ring that opens and closes when the lever is pushed. 


magnetic clasp cuban bracelet

Magnetic clasp - features magnets at each end of the chain that hold the two ends together whilst wearing. 


Step 2: Position The Clasp For Easy Access 

taking off a 8mm gold cuban link chain

For easy access, rotate the part of the Cuban chain with the clasp to the front of you. This will make it easier for you to see whilst you are unclasping the chain. 

Outlined below is exactly how to open each of the different types of Cuban link chain clasps. 

Lobster Clasps:

  1. Push the lobster claw lever down using your thumb or fingers 
  2. Remove the lobster claw from the ring on the other side 
  3. Let go of the lever 

Spring Ring Clasps:

  1. Push the spring ring lever down using your thumb or fingers 
  2. Remove the spring ring  from the ring on the other side 
  3. Let go of the lever 

Box Clasps:

  1. Undo the safety latches on the side 
  2. Push down on the release button (this is usually above the tongue)
  3. Pull apart until the clasp is released

Toggle Clasps: 

  1. Take one side of the bar and push it through the ring 
  2. Keep pulling until the other side of the bar is through the ring as well as until the clasp is released 

Magnetic Clasps: 

  1. Just move the magnets on each side of the chain away from each other to release the clasp. 


Opening A Cuban Link Chain Using A Cutter: 

opening a Cuban link chain

Tools you’ll need: 

  • Safety Glasses 
  • Cutters
  • Curved Nose Pliers

Step 1: Inspect The Chain: 

For Cuban chains with open links, you will want to find the area where the link is open at. For closed-link Cuban chains, you will need to find an area which will be suitable to cut. 

Step 2: Use Cutters To Expand The Link

For this step, take your cutters and expand the link at the opening point until there is a gap between the link. 

Step 3: Expand The Link Further

Next, put curved nose pliers through the slightly opened link and open the link further so that it can be removed from the rest of the chain. 



After reading our guide, you now have all the knowledge you need to master the art of unclasping and opening a Cuban link chain. Gone are the days of struggling and panicking about not being able to remove your Cuban chains. 

With this information, you should now be more aware of the most common types of clasps for Cubans and how to use them. Whether it’s the lever action of the lobster and spring ring clasps, the safety latches and release button of the box clasp, or the strategic manoeuvring of toggle clasps of the magnetic pulls of a magnetic clasp, you can now conquer any challenge that comes with clasps. If worse comes to worst, you should now be able to open a Cuban link chain with a cutter too!

For more information on the Cuban link chain, check out our guide to Cuban chains here


How Do You Open A Barrel-Clasp Necklace?

Opening a barrel-clasp necklace is simple. To release the clasp all you have to do is unscrew one end from the other and separate them from each other. 

How Do You Open A Hook Clasp?

All you have to do to open a hook clasp is to squeeze the V pincher on the side and it will then catch onto the safety latch. You can then just separate the fish hook from the other side of the chain.


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