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Article: How To Untangle A Cuban Link Chain

untangling cuban chain

How To Untangle A Cuban Link Chain

Have you ever gotten frustrated over a Cuban link chain that just won’t untangle? We know how it feels. Dealing with tangled Cuban chains is time and energy-consuming. This is especially true if you aren't aware of the proper methods and tools that can be used. 

In this blog, we give you those methods and tools. We teach you exactly how to untangle a Cuban link chain using a range of tried and tested methods. These methods include using fingers, tweezers, baby powder, lubricants, pins and much more! Read on and never have to waste another minute on untangling a Cuban link chain again!

Untangling With Your Fingers

Method 1: Pull Method 

pulling cuban chain

This is the most common thing people do when they first notice a kink or tangle in their Cuban link chain. For this method just pull opposite ends of the Cuban link chain away from each other. This method does work, but can often make the tangling worse.

Method 2: Dangling The Cuban Chain

dangling cuban chain

Dangling the Cuban chain can be an effective method for getting rid of kinks in a Cuban link chain. Just hold one end of the Cuban chain and let it dangle. 

The idea behind this is that gravity will unkink and place the Cuban link back into place. This is by far the easiest method of them all and has a high success rate. 

Method 3:  Push Method

pushing cuban links together

A method people don't think about trying is to push the Cuban links together. For this locate the area of the knot or tangle, then push the opposite sides together. After, twist the Cuban links outwards to put them back into place. 

The idea behind this method is that pushing the Cuban links closer will loosen the kink. The final twisting motion then puts the Cuban link back into place. 

This method can take a couple of tries to get right, but almost always works. 

Other Methods Of Untangling A Cuban Link Chain

Use Tweezers

For this method hold the chain with one hand and use tweezers to work the area of the Cuban chain where the knot is. Use tweezers to separate the links that are in the knot. 

If the knot is tight, grab a friend and another pair of tweezers. Then work with the tweezers in multiple areas of the chain until it untangles. 

Use Baby Powder

Another method often mentioned is to use baby powder. Just sprinkle baby powder at the site of the knot on your Cuban chain. Then with tweezers or a pint try to loosen the knot. You can also try and undo the knot with your fingers. 

Whilst this method often works, it is not the most effective. Baby powder is dry and is not the best method for lubricating a knot. If you do decide to use baby powder, then choose one without fragrances or harsh chemicals. These chemicals could ruin the metal and colours of your Cuban.  

Use Lubricating Solution

If you have a stubborn kink or tangle in your Cuban chain, try using a lubricating solution. Apply the lubricating solution at the site of the kink and try to untangle it with tweezers or with your hands. 

For this method ensure that the solution doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. Great natural lubricants include olive oil. coconut oil, baby oil and vaseline. 

Some sources suggest using WD-40 as a lubricant. We recommend against this as WD-40 contains harsh chemicals that may damage your Cuban. It is also not suitable for Cuban chains with inset diamonds or stones. 

Use A Pin

Using a pin is another method of untangling a Cuban chain. This is the best method for Cuban chains with thinner links.

First, put your Cuban chain on a flat surface that is white, this is so it is easier to see the knot. 

Then insert the pin into the middle of the knot and wiggle the pin around. Over time the knot should loosen enough, and you can just separate the chain with your hands. 

If there are many tangles within the knot, repeat this step until there are no tangles. 


Get A Jeweller To Help You

If you are worried about damaging your Cuban chain whilst untangling it, bring it to a jeweller. 

A jeweller will usually apply a lubricant such as natural oil or jewellery lubricant. They will then go ahead and use tools such as a pin, tweezers or hook to loosen up the knot. 


Now that we've been through how to untangle a Cuban link chain, you should now know all the safe and effective ways to untangle a Cuban chain. With this information untangling your Cuban chains will be a quick and easy process. 

The push and pull methods are the easiest to do as they require no materials. But, you may need to approach a tangled Cuban chain with lubricants to release it. If you are unsure about doing it yourself, seek the help of a jeweller!

Want to learn more about the Cuban chain? Check out our Cuban chain ultimate guide



Why Does My Cuban Link Chain Keep Twisting?

The reason why your Cuban link chain keeps twisting when you wear it is that it wasn’t straight, to begin with. 

Before putting on a Cuban chain pinch one end of the Cuban chain with your index and thumb. Then run your index finger and thumb down the chain to straighten it. 

Then put the Cuban chain as you would. Ensure that when you clasp the two ends of the chain that is clasped straight to avoid twisting. 

Do Cuban Chains Get Tangled?

Yes, Cuban chains do tangle. This is because the chain consists of individual interlocking links. 

Some Cuban chains are more prone to tangling than others. Smaller Cuban chains tend to be more tangling-prone than thicker variations. 


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