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Article: How To Wear A Cuban Link Chain

3mm silver cuban chain on male neck

How To Wear A Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban chain is one of the most versatile chains out there. They come in a variety of colours, materials, widths, lengths and styles. This can make it challenging for people to determine how to wear a Cuban chain to match their outfits.

Figuring out how to style a Cuban chain is time-consuming and confusing because of the vast choices you have.  Learning how to wear a Cuban chain will save you time and effort whilst styling. 

In this blog post, we cover how to wear a Cuban Link chain. We go over key considerations such as colour, material, width, length, outfits, accessories and occasion.


Key Considerations When Deciding How To Wear A Cuban Link Chain:

Colours and Materials

3mm gold and silver cuban chains

Gold Cuban Chain & 3mm Silver Cuban Chain By Sky Austria

There are loads of colours of Cubans to choose from including gold, silver, rose gold and even rainbow coloured variations.  They can be made from a variety of materials including gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass and copper. When considering colour you’ll want to think about how it will match your outfit. 

Gold Cuban chains go well with black, white, chocolate brown, olive green and charcoal clothing. These dark colours go well with gold Cuban chains as they allow the colour of the chain to stand out when worn. 

Silver Cuban chains work better in white, black, grey, cream and beige clothing. Because silver is a neutral colour, you'll want to keep clothing colours simple. This is so you avoid distracting attention away from the chain. 



5mm and 3mm cuban chain in gold plating

5mm Gold Plated Miami Cuban Chain & 3mm Gold Cuban Chain By Sky Austria

The width of the Cuban chain can also affect how it is worn. Cuban chains come in a variety of widths ranging from 1mm all the way up to 20mm+. You should consider the outfit and how you are going to style it. 

It makes sense to wear a thicker Cuban chain if your intent is to wear it outside of your t-shirt. Wearing a single chunky Cuban chain is great as a statement piece and goes well with most outfits. For everyday wear, a 10mm Cuban chain is usually the thickest you’ll want to go. If you are looking to layer a Cuban chain with a pendant or another chain then the same rules apply. The 10mm is the perfect width for a statement piece. 

If you plan on tucking your Cuban chain in, choose a thinner variation. Going super thick is pointless if you are tucking it in as you won't maximise the boldness of a thick Cuban chain. At the same time thinner Cuban chains look better tucked in as a subtle accessory for an outfit. 


3mm cuban chain silver

A good length to aim for a Cuban chain is one that falls at the mid-length of your chest. For everyday wear, the longest you’ll want to go is 24 inches. Cubans longer than this will look noticeably long. Longer Cuban chains are also less versatile in styling and are limited to how it can be layered with pendants and chains. 

A good Cuban length to wear is anywhere between 18 to 20 inches. Between this length, the chain will fall perfectly mid-length to your chest. At the same time this length allows you to layer with other pendants and necklaces easily. 


Adding Pendants

gold icarus pendant with 3mm gold cuban chain

Another way of styling a Cuban chain is to think about adding a personal touch by adding a pendant. 

For this, you’ll want to make sure that the pendant bail is big enough for your Cuban chain to fit through. If your Cuban chan is between 1-5mm then this will fit most pendant bails. If your Cuban chain is larger than this, you most likely won't be able to fit a pendant. 

Chunkier pendants may fit your thicker Cuban chain but these are less common. 

When adding a pendant make sure the colour of the chain and pendant match to achieve a coordinated look. 



5mm gold cuban chain on neck

The outfit you wear with your Cuban chain is arguably the most important aspect to consider.

One aspect to consider is how your outfit fits. If you're wearing a looser and oversized look then an oversized Cuban chain that is longer and thicker matches well. Conversely, if you are wearing a smart outfit you'll want something more low-key and tidy like a thinner Cuban.

Cuban necklace chains are bold, so you'll want to keep your outfits simple. Wearing neutral colours including grey, black or white for your T-shirt keeps the attention on the Cuban chains. You'll also want to avoid shirts with patterns and prints as they can distract from the Cuban chain.

A lot of people seem to think that the Cuban chain can't be worn with a smart outfit. Wearing a Cuban chain works amazingly with a smart outfit to make an outfit a little more casual. For this look, you'll want to unbutton the first two buttons of your smart shirt. Then choose a Cuban chain that is short enough that it can be seen through the gaps created by your buttoned shirt. This look goes well with both thin and thick Cuban chains.


silver cuban chain layered with figaro chain and tennis bracelet

Adding accessories alongside your Cuban chains takes your outfit to the next level! 

First time wearing a Cuban chain? Avoid overdoing it by sticking to a Cuban chain and two other accessories. These can be anything from bracelets, rings, earrings or other watches. If you are planning on layering other chains then keep it to a max of 3 to avoid your outfit looking too busy. 

Also, think about the colours of your accessories. To create a coordinated look these should all be the same colour and the same materials. If you are going for a mixed-coloured jewellery look, make sure you have equal parts of each colour to look intentional. 

Stuck on a jewellery combination to start out with? One chain combination we like is the Cuban chain and the rope chain. The bold, flat and rounded look of a Cuban chain contrasts nicely with the cylinder shape of a rope chain. The creates a look that is pleasing to the eye and makes any outfit 10x better. 


Occasion / Setting

The final consideration when determining how to wear a Cuban chain is the occasion. 

For smart occasions, a thinner Cuban chain can add elegance and class to the outfit. Tucking a thin Cuban chain with a smart outfit adds the finishing touches. Thicker Cuban chains also work with smart outfits. Unbutton the first two buttons of your shirt and let the chunky Cuban links peek through. The thick look of the Cuban chains with a smart outfit will make you look and feel like a boss. 

For casual occasions, experiment with thicker Cuban chains to find one that works for you. If that's not enough, try on some Cuban chains that feature diamonds or gemstones to add a little bit of shine to the outfit. 


Now that we’ve gone through how to wear a Cuban Link chain, you should have a better understanding of how to style a Cuban Chain and match it with your outfit. We covered all the aspects including wearing a Cuban based on colour, material, width, length, pendants, outfit and accessories.

You should now be able to effortlessly wear a Cuban chain with any outfit you choose!

Want to learn more about the Cuban chain? Read our blog post which goes through everything you need to know about Cuban chains

Looking to elevate your style with some Cuban chains? Shop our Cuban chains.



Can Anyone Wear A Cuban Link Chain? 

Anyone can wear a Cuban chain. Whether you are male or female the Cuban chain is essential for every wardrobe. They are versatile and fit well with formal and informal occasions. Accessible to everyone, they come in a variety of materials, colours and sizes so you'll be able to find one within your budget. 

What Does Wearing A Cuban Chain Mean? 

In the 1970s to 1980s, the Cuban chain was popularised by various hip-hop artists. They were worn used as a symbol of luxury, wealth and confidence. When wearing a Cuban chain expect to catch eyes and feel an enhanced level of confidence which will radiate outwards to those around you. 

Are Cuban Link Chains Attractive? 

The history associated with the Cuban link chain makes it a popular choice of chain. It has a simple but bold design that makes this a super attractive and versatile chain for any outfit. 

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