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Article: How To Wear A Pendant Necklace

How To Wear A Pendant Necklace

How To Wear A Pendant Necklace

Wondering how to wear a pendant necklace and which type would suit you? We got you covered. Below we explain how to wear a pendant necklace and go in-depth about matching pendants to body type, face shape, neck structures, outfits and how to style them when wearing accessories!

Consider Body Type: 

One thing you should consider is your height when choosing to wear a pendant. Pendants work great on taller people as they accentuate tallness, however for someone shorter they may be quiet out there. Shorter people may want to opt for a pendant with a shorter necklace in this case.

The size of a pendant also doesn't make a difference in regards to how tall you are, however naturally a skinnier pendant will appear longer thus making it more suitable for taller individuals.

In general longer pendant necklaces that lay below the collarbone are great for taller people.

female wearing gold katana pendant


Evaluate Face Shapes:

The second consideration for wearing a pendant necklace would be to match the pendant to your face shape. Different pendants will suit different face shapes better, and we can categorise faces as being either more circular or angular. Some examples of different face shapes are circle, oval or heart-shaped.

face shape guide

Longer pendant necklaces look great for rounder faces as it will elongate the face, creating a V effect and bring out your angular features.

For rounder faces a shorter necklace with a pendant that is skinny is also great. To match the roundness of a rounder face shape a rounder chain is also recommended.

Oval and heart-shaped face people are lucky and suit most types of pendants.

For those with a wider face, you may want to avoid wide chain necklaces as they could further accentuate your round features. Instead, opt for thinner necklaces which will contrast well with your face structure.

Vice versa If you have a long face then you might want to get a pendant that has a flat necklace/chain.

katana pendant

Consider Your Neck Structure:

If you have a shorter neck then having a long chain or necklace with a pendant would be better for you as it will make your neck appear longer.

In general longer-necked individuals tend to suit most types of necklaces.

Between 16-20 inches would be considered a shorter necklace length for a pendant, whilst a 20-24 inch necklace would be considered longer for a pendant.

Consider Your Outfit:

Another challenge people face is matching their pendants with their outfits. Pendants are great for a variety of outfits and make for an extremely versatile jewellery piece. 

Pendants work great with turtle necks during the cold months. Just throw on a pendant over the turtle neck to add some shine to the turtle neck, whilst adding to the longness the turtle neck gives.

Pendants are also great to be worn outside of a t-shirt and are great for plain t-shirts as they can elevate your style by acting as a centrepiece for your outfit whilst still being minimal and not too busy. 

gold rectangle pendant

Pendants also pair great with a V neck, especially one with a longer chain as it draws the eyes towards the V structure that It creates on the body. However, you should be careful pairing a long necklace with a pendant as they can look weird if they overlap with the V cut of the t-shirt. 

If you have a pearl or orb pendant, they work great on a dark-coloured t-shirt as a contrasting element of your outfit and add a bit of colour too. The same also applies to round and stubby charm necklaces.

For more casual outfits such as jeans or a T-shirt, a pendant is great to add some dimensions and flare to the plain fit. Casual outfits suit more out there necklaces and pendants including ones that feature jewels and diamonds or larger pieces such as dog tags.

Adding Accessories:

The final consideration when wearing a pendant is to think about how to pair it with other accessories. Pendants are a very eye-catching piece already and can be worn alone without accessories and they will still make you look very put together. 

However, if you do decide you want to wear some accessories here are some tips. 

For earrings, you want to make sure you avoid super long earrings or large hoop earrings whilst wearing a pendant, especially if the pendant is subtle as they can distract people from the actual pendant. Instead, opt for smaller earrings or studs to keep the attention on the pendant. 

A piece of jewellery that works well with pendants is watches or bracelets, as they are placed far away from the neck they don't take too much attention off the pendant and can look good when colour matched. 

One way to accessorise pendants is to change the chain for the pendant. With so many choices of chains including rope chains, Figaro chains, Cuban chains and wheat chains, you can choose the ideal necklace to go with your pendant and play around with shapes and sizes.

Another way to wear a pendant is by layering another chain or necklace with it. We recommend wearing a shorter chain or a collar necklace with a longer pendant and playing around with different types of chains to see which one pairs best with your pendant.


male wearing gold katana pendant with blue shirt


It's best to wear a simple chain or small necklace without any flashy diamonds or studs to keep the attention on the pendant. 

If you are looking for a more subtle look just throw on a pendant with no chains or necklaces layered, or if you feel that's too basic layer the pendants with a super thin chain and thin pendant. 

If you want the pendant to make a statement without any chains or necklaces then just get a super chunky and bold pendant that'll act as the centrepiece for your outfit.

Want to truly catch peoples eyes? Throw on two smaller chains with a longer pendant or even two pendants at the same time with varying lengths of chains.

Still not sure about pendants? 

Check out our blog post that goes through everything you need to know about pendants.


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