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Article: The Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces Without Them Tangling

The Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces Without Them Tangling

The Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces Without Them Tangling

Everyone's been there, you try and layer necklaces together to add some flare to your outfit and they end up tangling throughout the day, making you frustrated. 

Whether it's on your neck or during storage in your pouch, necklaces just tend to tangle. The reason for this is that they cross over each other or come into contact which causes individual links to get stuck.

In this blog we go through how to layer necklaces without tangling. We cover some tips and tricks to avoid tangling when layering including choosing necklaces of different lengths, mixing necklace lengths, varying necklace weights and much more!


Outlined below are some general tips and tricks to avoid tangling when necklace layering:

  • Make sure the necklaces are different lengths - the more similar the length of each necklace are the more likely they are to tangle together. Think about evenly spacing each chain you want to layer by 2-inch differences. For example, if you layer one of our Figaro chain in 18 inches, you'll want to choose a 20-inch chain like our silver rope chain. 
male layering silver Figaro chain and rope chain
  • Mix up necklace weights - try mixing the weights of each necklace when layering, for example, wear a heavy chain with a lighter chain to weigh down the light chain and prevent tangling. 
  • Try different necklace thicknesses  - thicker chain necklaces tend to tangle much less than thinner ones as they are more sturdy and less flexible. Think about either changing from a thinner chain to a thicker chain or even layering a thicker chain with a thinner chain to prevent tangling. 
  • Order your layering correctly - layer necklaces in order of thinnest then thickest first. The thicker necklace will weigh down the thinner necklace reducing the chances of tangling. 
  • Change up the style of chain - certain chains such as the snake chain, rope chain, herringbone chain, box chain and wheat chain are less likely to tangle as they are sleek and form a continuous chain. Chains made with individual links like the Cuban chain or Figaro chain are more likely to tangle.
  • Add on a pendant - adding a charm to one of the chains you are layering is a great way to weigh it down and create more distance between the chains to avoid tangling. 
    5mm gold Cuban Chain layered with gold icarus pendant
  • If a single necklace is tangled dangle it - sometimes even whilst wearing one necklace the links will tangle. Dangling it by one side it will get rid of any knots and tangles. 
  • Make use of necklace extenders - necklaces that come with extenders are great as they allow you the freedom to easily change lengths if you find that necklaces are getting tangled often. 
  • Make use of necklace spacers/detanglers - these can be found on Amazon for cheap, and they ensure that there is enough space between necklaces during necklace layering to ensure they never tangle. Usually, a detangler will consist of a slide clasp and 2 spring clasps depending on how many you want to layer. 
  • Store them properly - once you're done with your jewellery you'll want to store them properly and away from each other. We recommend putting each necklace into an individual frosted bag, and then putting them both in a velour pouch for convenience. At Sky Austria we always package your jewellery this way to keep it as long lasting as possible.


Our secret method - join the necklaces together

This method works with both normal necklaces and pendants and can even be used to join the two together during necklace layering. 

  1. Unclasp the two necklaces which you want to layer (ideally choosing two necklaces with enough length)
  2. Re-link the two clasps to the link of the other necklace 
  3. Wrap the super long chain created by joining the two necklaces together around your neck and join them like you normally would.

This method is excellent as your necklaces won't get tangled, and you can adjust the length easily by pulling either the long or shorter necklace. However, be careful not to get the necklaces caught on anywhere or this could be a strangulation hazard. 

Now you know how to layer necklaces without the issue of tangling! If you would like to know more about pendants check out our other pendant-related blogs including “how to wear a pendant necklace” and “things you may not know about pendants

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