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Article: Micro Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is Better?

silver micro Cuban Chain and 3mm rope chain

Micro Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is Better?

Stuck between the micro Cuban chain and the rope chain? Understandable. Both of these chains are extremely popular and for good reason! They offer great durability, versatility in styling and are timeless. But which one should you buy if you had to just choose one?

In this blog, we compare the Micro Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain. We’ll take you through the pros and cons of each, outline the differences and offer a suggestion on which one would be best for you!

Micro Cuban Chain

3mm Silver Cuban Chain on neck

3mm Silver Micro Cuban Chain By Sky Austria

As the name suggests the Micro Cuban Chain is just a variation of the Cuban chain that is much smaller. These chains have interlocking, flat and round links that are much thinner in size. The Micro Cuban link will usually range between 1-3mm in width.


  • Lightweight - Micro Cubans are lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis.
  • Timeless - The round and bold nature of the micro Cuban chain is one that is timeless and suits any outfit and style.
  • Shiny - The Micro Cuban features a highly polished surface that shines when the sun hits it.
  • Style - this is a subtle chain that is suitable for both smart and casual outfits. Also great for tucking into your shirts and t-shirts. Or even layer them with other chains and pendants to create a statement.
  • Price - the Micro Cuban chain is an affordable option. This is because it features smaller and thicker links that require fewer materials.
  • For him and her - both males and females will love the subtle yet eye-catching look of the Cuban chain. This makes it ideal for both males and females.


  • Gets tangled - interlocking links of the Micro Cuban are susceptible to tangling. This can be annoying for some to adjust throughout the day.
  • Durability - the Micro Cuban chain had greater durability than other types of chains. But is still not as durable as thicker variations.
  • Lack of customisation - the Micro Cuban chain has a small surface area, making it difficult to ice out with diamonds and stones.
  • Appearance - This size Cuban chain isn't as bold and attention-grabbing as thicker variations.
  • Maintenance - it can be particularly hard to clean between links for the micro Cuban chain. But, the outer surface of the micro Cuban chain is straightforward to clean.

Want to learn more about Cuban Chain? Check out our blog post which covers everything you need to know about the Cuban Chain

Rope Chain

female wearing silver rope chain 20 inch

Silver Rope Chain 20 inch By Sky Austria


  • Durability - the twisted nature of the links on a rope chain makes them resistant to pulling and weight. This makes them ideal for supporting heavier types of pendants.
  • Timeless - the simple but eye-catching design of rope chains is one that will never go out of style. It is also one of the only chains with this twisted-type design.
  • Style - the timeless look of the rope chain makes it great for both smart and casual outfits. Also looks great holding pendants or layering with other chains and necklaces.
  • Resistant to tangling - the chain doesn't have interlocking links. This makes it highly resistant to tangling and knotting.
  • Sparkly - the high polish surface combined with tightly packed links contribute to the overall sparkle of the chain. The rope chain sparkles like no other when the sun hits it.
  • Price - the price of the rope chain will depend on how thick the actual chain is. However in general the rope chain is one of the more affordable types of chains you can get.


  • Hard to repair - damage to one section of the rope chain can ruin the link pattern of the chain. Because of its complex structure, this can be tricky to get repaired.
  • Heavy - the rope chain tends to be heavier than other types of chains. This is because the chain has many tightly packed links twisted together. This can be uncomfortable for some to wear all day.
  • Gets caught on body hair - the tightly packed together links increase the chances of fine hairs getting caught onto the chain.
  • Lack of customisation - the small surface area of each link in a rope chain makes it hard to customise with diamonds and stones. The possibilities with customisation are also very limited.
  • Maintenance - cleaning between each link is hard because of their twisted and tight nature. But, the outer surface of a rope chain is easy to wipe clean.

Interested in finding more about the rope chain? Check out our ultimate rope chain guide.

Differences Between The Micro Cuban Chain And Rope Chain:

  • Appearance - the Micro Cuban chain features small rounded links and a smoother surface. The rope chain consists of twisted and tightly packed links that are rougher looking.
  • Shine - The Micro Cuban chain has high shine because of its flat links. The rope chain has a more sparkly appearance due to its twisted structure.
  • Weight - The Micro Cuban chain is lighter in weight compared to the rope Chain. This is because the Cuban chain has flatter links.
  • Price - In general the Micro Cuban Chain is more affordable than a rope chain. This is because the Cuban chain is flatter, easier to produce and utilises fewer materials.

Micro Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is Better For Me?

Which chain is best for you will depend on a variety of factors including personal preference and styling requirements.

For those looking for a shiny timeless chain that is lightweight, cost-effective and easy to have repaired, the Micro Cuban chain is the one for you.

For those looking for a piece that is durable, feels heavy around the neck and sparkles when the sun hits it, the rope chain is the better option. Click here to shop our rope chains



After reading our blog on the Micro Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain, you should now be more aware of their pros, cons and unique qualities.

The Micro Cuban Chain is a lightweight and timeless chain that offers insane durability and shine. If you prefer a lightweight and versatile chain, go for the Micro Cuban,

Similar to the Micro Cuban, the rope chain is also a lightweight and timeless chain offering a slightly different shine and overall appearance. If you prefer a sparkly chain with some weight, go for the rope chain.

Ultimately, the choice between the Micro Cuban Chain and the rope chain comes down to your personal style and requirements!

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