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Article: Necklace Size Guide: Choosing The Right Necklace Length

measuring neck size with tape measure

Necklace Size Guide: Choosing The Right Necklace Length

Necklace chains are the ultimate accessory to complete any outfit, but it’s important to find the right size for your body type and style. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your outfits, choosing the right necklace length can make all the difference in your style.

In this necklace size guide, we’ll cover the most common necklace lengths for both men and women. We'll explain how to measure for the perfect fit, factors to consider when choosing the right necklace length for you and much more! So let’s dive in and find the right perfect necklace length for you!

Types Of Necklace Lengths

3mm gold rope chain on male neck

Collar and Choker (30.5 - 40cm / 14 - 16")- the collar or choker necklace size fits closer and higher up on the neck. For this size, a finger size should be able to fit between your neck and the necklace for a comfortable fit. This is a great fit for a female and gives a feminine feel. The choker necklace ranges from 30

Short or Princess Necklace (40 - 47cm / 18 - 10”) - a princess necklace is a necklace that fits at the base of the neck or just below, near the collarbone. This is a great size for females who are petite in size.

Medium or Matinee Necklace (47 - 60cm / 20 - 24”)- the matinee necklace will fit right around your chest or just above it. This necklace length is ideal for those of moderate height who are fuller in size.

Long or Opera necklace (60 - 75cm / 28 - 34”) - the long or opera-size necklace is great for pairing with other necklaces. This is best suited for taller women.

How To Know What Size Necklace You Need

silver katana pendant on male neck

Silver Katana Pendant By Sky Austria

If you are looking to wear your chain as more of a subtle addition to an outfit, a shorter necklace size would be perfect for tucking into a t-shirt.

Looking to create more of a statement? Then a longer necklace size worn outside of a t-shirt would work the best.

For necklaces specifically for layering, go for a shorter chain to act as a foundation piece.

How To Measure The Perfect Necklace Length

measuring neck using tape measure

Check the length of the necklaces you already have - take one of your favourite necklaces and place it flat on a table. Then using a ruler or tape measure, measure from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the necklace.

Use a string or measuring tape - for this, you’ll want to be in front of a mirror. Place the tape measure or flexible tape around the middle of your neck or below your Adam's apple. For a tighter fit add 2 inches to this measurement. For a looser fit add anywhere between 4-6 inches to this measurement.

Factors To Consider

Body Structure (Face Shape, Height, Body Size)

One of the most important factors to consider is your body shape, height and face shape. The resting length of a necklace will vary person-to-person depending on your body type, height, neck size and torso length.

In general, shorter necklaces are better for long faces and heart-shaped faces. Medium to long-length necklaces work best for rounder faces. For height, longer necklaces look better on taller people whilst shorter necklaces match a shorter frame. Those with a larger body size may want to opt for a longer necklace whilst those with a smaller body size may want to opt for a shorter necklace.


If you are looking to layer necklaces together, you'll want to ensure your necklace is shorter or longer than the one you currently have. A good rule of thumb for layering is to choose necklaces that are at least 2 inches in difference.

To hold pendants, choose a necklace that is longer in style. When wearing a pendant, you want it to hang loosely and lower down on your body.

Women’s Necklace Length Guide

women necklace size chart

As a rough guideline, the average neck size for a woman is 13.5 inches. For women, shorter necklaces will be more suitable. Here are some of the most common sizes for females to wear:

  • 16” / 40cm - at this length the necklace will sit just above the collarbone for a woman. Slightly longer than a choker necklace and will peek out just above the collar.
  • 18” / 45cm - at this length the necklace will fall just above the collarbone or right on it. Also known as the princess necklace.
  • 20” / 50cm - at the length the necklace will fall below the collarbone. This is an ideal necklace for low-cut dresses or to layer with shorter necklaces. This is also an ideal length for a pendant.
  • 22” / 55cm - also known as the matinee length necklace. This necklace will fall above the top of the bust line.
  • 24” / 60cm - also known as the opera-length necklace. This will fall in the middle of the bust line. Great for a plain top or dress.

Men’s Necklace Length Guide

mens necklace size chart

  • 18” / 45cm - best length for a man with a smaller-than-average neck. This will usually fall at the base of the neck.
  • 20” / 50cm - this length will fit most men perfectly. At this length, the chain will fit on the collarbone. This is also one of the most popular lengths of the necklace. This is a great necklace length to add pendants onto.
  • 22” / 55cm - this is a good necklace for a man with a larger neck. For most men, this will fall below the collarbone. This is also a great necklace length to add a pendant too.
  • 24” / 60cm - this length necklace will fall just above the sternum for most men. This is a great length for thicker and statement-piece chains.
  • 30” / 76cm - this length necklace will fall below mid-chest, this is best reserved for thicker types of chains.


In conclusion, choosing the right necklace size depends on body structure, face shape and height. From this necklace size guide you should have a better understanding of the different necklace lengths. You should also be able to choose the perfect necklace length based on your body dimensions and should be able to measure your neck properly.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition to an outfit, or a statement piece, knowing your necklace size will help you find the perfect fit!

Looking to learn more about necklaces and chains? Check out our ultimate guide to chain necklaces!




Should A Child Wear A 16 Or 18 Inch Necklace?

We suggest avoiding necklaces for children until they reach the age of 4 years+. But, for a younger child with a smaller neck, a 16-inch necklace would be better suited. For an older child with a larger neck, an 18-inch necklace would be better suited.

Is A 16 Inch Necklace Too Small?

Whether a 16-inch necklace is too small for you will depend on your sex as well as height and body shape. For females, a 16-inch necklace would fit like a choker which is ideal for females who like a tighter fit. For males, we wouldn’t recommend going down the 16 inches for a necklace as it will be too tight of a fit.

Is An 18 Inch Chain Too Small?

Whether an 18-inch necklace is too small for you will depend on your sex, height and body measurements. For females, 18-inch necklaces will sit below the collarbone. For a male, an 18-inch necklace will lay at or just above the collarbone.

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