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Article: Rope Chain vs Wheat Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

5mm silver rope chain and 3mm gold wheat chain

Rope Chain vs Wheat Chain: Which One Should You Buy?

Two popular styles of chains that often get confused with each other are the rope necklace chain and the wheat necklace chain. Choosing between the two of these chains can be difficult because of how similar they look from afar. But, each of these chains possesses unique characteristics that cater to different styles, preferences and occasions.

In this blog, we compare the rope chain vs the wheat chain. We'll explore their pros, cons and key differences. In the end, we'll give some suggestions on which one would be best for you.

Rope Chain

5mm Silver Rope Chain By Sky Austria


  • Durability - the rope chain's durability comes from the sheer number of links the chain has.
  • Timeless - the rope chain design is one that will never go out of style.
  • Resistant to kinking - the lack of interlocking links in the rope chain make it highly resistant to kinking and tangling
  • Shiny - the rope chain consists of many small cuts and facets which allow it to reflect light well when worn.
  • Easy to style - because of its timeless design, the rope chain is very easy to style. Wear a thin rope chain for formal outfits or a thicker rope chain for a casual outfit. These chains can even be worn as a layering piece or statement piece.


  • Heavy - the rope chain is heavy because of the number of links it has and can be even heavier if it is solid throughout. For some, wearing a rope chain for long periods of time can be uncomfortable around the neck.
  • Hard to maintain - the rope-like pattern of the rope chain makes it harder to clean. This is especially true between each link.
  • Potential for the chain to get caught - the rope chain can often get caught on body hairs. This is because of the small gaps between each link.
  • Lack of customisation - the links on a rope chain have a small surface area. This makes it harder to customise with diamonds and stones.
  • Hard to repair - repairing a rope chain once it's damaged is tricky. This is because of its complex link structure.

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Wheat Chain

3mm Yellow Gold Wheat Chain By Sky Austria


  • Easy to style - the wheat chain is also another timeless style of chain. It looks great styled with both formal and informal outfits and can even be layered with other necklaces.
  • Durability - The wheat chain is extremely durable because of it's four oval link interlinked structure. This creates a very rigid chain structure.
  • Timeless appeal - the wheat chain is a style of chain that will never go out of style.
  • Doesn’t catch on body hair - the gaps between each interlinking link are large enough that body hairs won’t get caught.


  • Prone to kinking - the intricate design and number of interlinking links make it susceptible to kinking.
  • Hard to maintain - it can be hard to clean between each link in a wheat chain due to its complex structure.
  • Lack of customisation - links on a wheat chain have a small surface area. This makes it difficult to get it customised with diamonds or stones.
  • Hard to repair - the wheat chain’s complex interlinking structure makes it hard for jewellers to repair.

Differences Between The Rope Chain And Wheat Chain:

  • Appearance - the rope chain features a twisted and rope-like design. Whilst the wheat chain features more of a braided and woven pattern.
  • Weight -the rope chain tends to be heavier than the wheat chain if you are comparing them at the same width and length. This is because the rope chain is denser due to it’s twisted links, whilst the wheat chain tends to be more hollow.
  • Shine - the rope chain has a shinier look than the wheat chain. This is because the rope chain contains many more facets and cuts which make it sparkle when the sun hits it. Whilst the wheat chain has much more of a sleek look to it.
  • Durability- the rope chain is only slightly more durable than the wheat chain. The lack of interlocking links makes them highly resistant to damage from kinking and tangling.
  • Price - if you compare a rope chain and a wheat chain of the same material, thickness and length, the rope chain is slightly more expensive. This is because the rope chain requires a more intricate manufacturing process compared to the simple woven design of a wheat chain.

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Rope Chain vs. Wheat Chain: Which Is Better for You?

The choice between the rope chain and the wheat chain depends on your style, preferences and budget.

The rope chain is great for someone looking for a chain that offers excellent durability, is resistant to tangling, is shiny and also has a heavy feel to it.

Whilst the wheat chain is best suited for someone who wants a more simple-looking chain, that doesn’t catch on body hair whilst still offering great durability.


Having compared the rope chain vs wheat chain, you should now have a better understanding of the pros, cons and differences of each one. When deciding between these two chains, the most important considerations should be your personal style, budget and preferences.

Whether you opt for the textured and rough look of the rope chain, or the delicate elegance of the wheat chain, both of these chains have a place in any jewellery collection.

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