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Article: Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain: Which Is Best For You?

Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain: Which Is Best For You?

Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain: Which Is Best For You?

Stuck between the Singapore chain and the rope chain? Need some guidance on which one you should buy? We’ve got you covered. Both of these chains have their own pros, cons and differences that you need to know before making that buying decision. By understanding these differences, you will have a better idea of which chain is best for you. 

In this blog, we compare the Singapore chain vs the rope chain. We’ll highlight their pros, cons and differences. By the end of this, you’ll have a better understanding of each of these chains and feel confident when it comes to choosing between these two chains. 


Singapore Chain

gold singapore chain

The Singapore chain is characterised by its twisted link pattern. Links in the Singapore chain are both rounded and flattened, allowing the chain to refract light as no other chain can. The chain can be thought of as a hybrid between the curb chain and the rope chain. 

Other names for the Singapore chain include the "loose rope chain" as it has a similar interlocking design, just loosely put together. 



  • Sparkly - the Singapore chain is an extremely sparkly chain. This is for two reasons. The chain is extremely fluid and rolls around when worn allowing it to catch light better. At the same time, the chain usually comes in a diamond-cut style, allowing it to reflect light better. 
  • Lightweight - because of its delicate structure it is also extremely lightweight. This makes it great as an everyday wear piece of jewellery. 
  • Easy to style - because of its more subtle appearance, the chain works with a variety of styles and outfits. You can wear this chain with both casual and formal outfits with ease. 
  • Affordable - the Singapore chain's delicate and simplistic design means that is affordable. This, coupled with smaller links, fewer links and lighter weight. 



  • Less durable - Singapore is thinner in size and therefore more delicate than other chains. This makes it susceptible to breaking. 
  • Prone to tangling and knotting - the twisted and fluid structure of the Singapore chain makes it prone to tangling. For some, it can be annoying to constantly adjust the chain throughout the day. 
  • Versatility - the widths for a Singapore chain usually range from 1mm to 3mm. This means there isn't that much choice in terms of sizes for the chain. It is also not that great for holding pendants because of its fluid nature. 


Rope Chain

5mm silver rope chain on male neck

5mm Silver Rope Chain 18 Inch By Sky Austria

The rope chain is a classic chain that features a twisted link pattern. Links are tightly put together to form a rope-like structure. 



  • Timeless - the rope chain will forever be a timeless chain. The chain suits most styles and outfits. It can even be layered with other chains and pendants. 
  • Durable - the twisted link pattern alongside the tightly packed structure of the rope chain makes it extremely durable. 
  • Versatile - rope chains range from 1mm to 5mm+ in width. Styles of rope chain include diamond cut, regular and even two-tone. There is truly a variation of the rope chain out there for everyone. 
  • Less prone to tangling - the rope chain has a rigid structure that barely moves when wearing. This makes it less likely to tangle and knot. 
  • Sparkly - The twisted structure of the rope chain allows it to reflect light well. This is what gives it its sparkly appearance.



  • Heavy - the twisted design of the rope chain involves many links twisted together. This means in general the rope chain has a greater density than most chains. 
  • Prone to catching onto hairs - the many small gaps in the rope chain make it a chain that is prone to catching onto hairs. For some, this may put them off wearing a rope chain completely. 

Want to learn more about the rope chain? Check out our ultimate rope chain blog


Differences Between The Singapore Chain And Rope Chain

  • Appearance - the rope chain features a closely packed twisted link structure that forms a rope pattern. The Singapore chain features a loosely interlocking twisted link structure. The links on the Singapore chain tend to be much flatter than the rope chain as well. 
  • Weight - the rope chain is heavier than the Singapore chain when comparing the same width and length. The reason for this is that the rope chain has more links that are tightly packed into each other. Each individual link in a rope chain is also thicker. 
  • Sparkle - the Singapore chain has the edge over the rope chain when it comes to sparkle. The Singapore chain tends to be diamond cut, these flat facets reflect light much better. 
  • Durability - the rope chain is much more durable than the Singapore chain for a couple of reasons. The first is that each individual link is much thicker. Second that the rope chain’s tightly packed links prevent kinking and bending easily. 
  • Price - the Singapore chain tends to be more affordable than the Rope chain. The reason for this is the Singapore chain has fewer links, thinner links and it lighter in weight.


Singapore Chain vs Rope Chain: Which One Is Best For You?

At the end of the day, the chain that is best for you will depend on your personal preferences, styling needs and even budget. 

The Singapore chain is perfect for someone looking to get the most sparkle out of their chains. If you are looking for a lightweight, affordable and luxurious-looking chain that has a delicate look to it, this chain is a must.

Rope chains are perfect for someone looking for a chain that will never go out of style and is extremely easy to style. If you prefer the heavy feel of a chain around your neck and want a chain that offers amazing durability, this chain is for you. 



Now that we have compared the Singapore chain vs the rope chain, you should now understand each one’s pros and cons. You should consider all the points mentioned above, and take into consideration your own style, preferences and budget when making the final decision. 

The Singapore chain is an excellent choice for someone looking for an affordable, lightweight and shiny-looking chain that has a more delicate look to it. 

But if you are looking for a durable chain that will last you a lifetime, will never go out of style and is easy to style with any outfit, you would be better off going for a rope chain. 

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What Does Singapore Chain Mean? 

The Singapore Chain is a chain that blends both the curb chain and rope chain together. The chain itself features flat and curved links that have a fluid movement when worn. 


What Is Another Name For The Singapore Chain?

Other names that the Singapore chain is referred to is the “twist curb” chain and the “loose rope chain”


Is A Singapore Chain Strong?

No, the Singapore Chain is more so of a delicate chain. This is because it has thinner links that loosely interlock with each other. At the same time, the chain is extremely lightweight. 


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