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Article: Tennis Chain vs Cuban Link Chain: Which One Is Better?

tennis chain vs cuban link chain

Tennis Chain vs Cuban Link Chain: Which One Is Better?

Deciding between the tennis chain and the Cuban chain can be difficult. These chains are so different yet similar in many other ways. Both chains have pros, cons and differences which you should be aware of before purchasing. 

In this blog, we cover we compare the tennis chain vs the Cuban link chain. We'll weigh up the pros, and cons and come up with a conclusion on which one would be better for you!

What Is A Tennis Chain?

male wearing 4mm gold tennis chain

4mm Tennis Chain Gold by Sky Austria 

Tennis chains are necklaces that consists of a single strand of diamonds or gemstones. They come in two types of settings which are the prong and bezel settings. Each of these settings gives the tennis chain a different look.

They also come in a variety of materials including sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold and silver. Stones used in the tennis chain can vary in shape and can even be different colours. 

These chains can come in a variety of widths and lengths. To learn more about tennis chain necklaces, check out our blog post on tennis chains


  • Shiny - gemstones and diamonds featured on this necklace make it an eye-catching piece.
  • Timeless - the chain is a classic piece that will never go out of style. 
  • Versatility - they come in a variety of settings, as well as gemstones and colours to choose from.
  • Tangling - each individual part of the tennis chain is not interlinked, meaning the chain won’t tangle. 
  • Repair - repairing a broken tennis chain is simple. Usually, all the jeweller will have to do is solder the broken chain back together. 


  • Price - can be expensive depending on the materials. Even tennis chains made from cubic zirconia and non-precious metals are still expensive.
  • Styling - this necklace can be hard to style with outfits that have patterns and prints. This is because it can make an outfit look too busy. So the tennis chain is best worn with plain-coloured clothing.
  • Maintenance - the tennis chain requires regular cleaning and proper storage. This is to ensure the stones continue shining.
  • Heavy - depending on the thickness, length and stones used for this chain, it can be a heavy chain to wear. Some may not find this comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 
  • Fragile - if individual links are pushed together or bent with enough force it can cause the chain to break.

What Is A Cuban Link Chain?male wearing a 5mm gold cuban chain

5mm Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain by Sky Austria

The Cuban link chain is a necklace consisting of interlocking thick round links. This allows the chain to lay perfectly flat on the chest when wearing. 

The Cuban link comes in two main styles, including the Miami Cuban and Curb Cuban. 

Cuban link necklaces come in a variety of materials makes, including stainless steel, silver, gold, sterling silver and brass. They also come in a variety of widths and lengths to choose from. 

Looking to learn more about the Cuban link chain? Check out our Cuban link chain blog



  • Durable - each individual link of a Cuban chain is chunky and thick. This makes it much more durable than chains with delicate and small links. 
  • Versatile - You can find Cuban chains in a variety of widths, lengths, colours, materials and brands. It will be quite easy to find a Cuban chain that suits your style and preference
  • Style - The simplistic design of a Cuban chain makes it great as both a statement piece and a layering piece. They suit casual outfits more but can be styled with smart outfits to create a contrasting look. 
  • Affordable - compared to the tennis chain, the Cuban chain is more affordable. With a range of materials, sizes, lengths and brands to choose from you can find one within your budget. 
  • Repair - Cuban chains are easy for jewellers to repair. Jewellery can simply solder back the broken link together or cut into a single intact link to fix the chain.
  • Iconic - the Cuban chain has a rich history and its design is well-recognised in the jewellery world. 


  • Tangling - interlinking design of the Cuban chain means it will inevitably tangle. Wearing the chain day to day, it's not uncommon for you to have to adjust the chain so it continues to lay flat on your chest. Also, if you don't store your Cuban chains correctly, links can become tangled.
  • Maintenance - cleaning between each individual link can be quite difficult. Also, you'll have to make sure your Cuban link chain is clean before wearing it.
  • Heavy - this depends on the thickness and length of the chain. But, the Cuban chain tends to be heavier than most types of chains. For some, this may be uncomfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis.
  • Design - because the Cuban chain is so well known, you’ll see endless people wearing it outside. For those looking for a unique chain that isn’t worn by many, this chain won’t be ideal.

Differences Between The Tennis Chain and Cuban Link

  • Appearance - the tennis chain consists of a row of diamonds or gemstones. The Cuban chain consists of rounded and flat links. 
  • Shine - the tennis chain is much more reflective than a Cuban chain due to the gemstones and diamonds that it has.
  • Durability - the Cuban chain is much more durable than a tennis chain. This is because the chain has a simple link shape and you won't need to worry about gemstones being dislodged.
  • Weight - the Cuban chain will be much heavier than a tennis chain. This is because each individual link in the Cuban chain is much bolder and thicker than a tennis chain.
  • Price - the price of a tennis chain is much greater than a Cuban chain. The tennis chain will utilise both stones and metals, whilst the Cuban chain only utilises metals.
  • Style - the Cuban chain has ties with hip-hop and urban fashion. This is why it is typically worn with more casual outfits. The tennis chain is much more elegant and eye-catching and has associations with luxury. This makes it ideal for smart outfits.
  • Maintenance - the Cuban chain is much more difficult to clean due to its interlocking link design. The tennis chain in comparison is much easier to clean as you only need to clean outside surfaces. 

Tennis Chain vs Cuban Link: Which One Is Better?

Which one is best for you will depend on many factors. 

The Cuban chain is a great piece for those looking for a timeless piece that suits any outfit. These chains are great for every day and even layered with other chains. This chain is perfect for those looking for a chain with some weight as well. Finally, this chain is best for those on a budget but still want to add jewellery to their outfit.

The tennis chain is a great piece for those looking for a chain with a bit of shine. The chain is perfect as a statement piece and even layered with other chains. This piece is best for those who are willing to spend a bit more and invest in their jewellery. 



Now that we’ve covered the tennis chain vs Cuban link chain you should have a better understanding of how each one differs, the pros and cons of the two and which one is best for you. 

You should now know more about each of these chains and make a more informed purchasing decision when the time comes to decide between the two. For the jewellers out there, this blog will have provided you with a way of giving your clients an idea of which chain would be best for them if they ask

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Can You Wear A Cuban And Tennis Chain?

Yes, you can wear a Cuban chain and a tennis chain together. This is a great way to create a personalised and eye-catching look. When wearing a Cuban chain and tennis chain you’ll want to make sure to match colours and materials to keep your look coordinated.

Why Is It Called A Tennis Chain? 

The tennis chain got its name from an event that happened during the US Open. Chris Evert, a tennis player had to stop the match and ask for time out as her diamond bracelet fell off her wrist. She eventually found it and the game resumed. 

In a post-match interview, she referred to the diamond bracelet as her "tennis bracelet". From that point on the name stuck with this style of jewellery.

Can You Wear A Tennis Chain Every Day?

Yes, you can wear a tennis chain every day. Although t may be hard to style with all your outfits, it is feasible. The tennis chain may not be suitable for wearing at the gym or running outside. 

If you do plan on wearing a tennis chain all day make sure to choose a tennis chain made from high-quality materials. Make sure that the chain is made from non-tarnish and oxidising materials. These include stainless steel, silver or gold. This ensures that over time your tennis chain doesn't fade with daily wear and tear.

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