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Article: Types Of Tennis Chains You Need To Know About


Types Of Tennis Chains You Need To Know About

The tennis chain has risen in popularity over the last couple of years. It features symmetrical diamonds or gemstones in a variety of settings, materials and colours. The classic tennis chain is the most popular style of tennis chain, but there are plenty of other types of variations to choose from.

In this blog post, we go over the main types of tennis chains.  We’ll cover different styles of tennis chains including the classic, graduated, baguette, double row, floating, choker and clustered tennis chains and go over what makes each one unique!


Classic Tennis Chain

gold tennis chain

4mm Gold Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace by Sky Austria

The classic tennis chain is by far the most common type of tennis chain. This chain usually consists of same-sized, colour and symmetrical diamonds or gemstones. The stones on a classic tennis chain can be squarish or rounded and are usually set in a prong or bezel setting.


Prong setting: the prong setting is where the diamonds or gemstones of a tennis chain are held via claws. These claws are slightly bent to hold the gemstone in place securely. This type of setting allows much more light to enter the gemstone, giving it enhanced brilliance and shine. 

  • Three prong - this prong setting features three claws. This prong setting is not suitable for heavier stones and is best for 3-5 carats of diamond. This setting also gives the rounded stones a more triangular and angular appearance
  • Four prong - this prong setting is characterised by four claws. This type of setting offers more security than a three-prong setting. It also enhances the brilliance and shine of the stones on a tennis chain much more than a three-prong. 


Bezel setting: this is where a small circular band holds the diamonds or gemstones of a tennis chain. Bezel settings can come in high and low variations and offers more protection than a prong setting. This reduces the chances of the diamonds or gemstones chipping. 

  • Round bezel setting - this is the most common type of bezel setting. The round bezel setting is a continuous metal band that surrounds the entire stone. 
  • Half bezel set - this bezel setting is like a round bezel setting but is not a continuous band. This type of bezel setting does not encircle the whole stone. This allows for more light to enter the stone, offering greater brilliance and shine than a full round bezel setting. 

Learn more about the classic tennis chain by checking out our ultimate guide to tennis chains


Graduated Tennis Chain

silver graduated tennis chain 

The graduated tennis chain features graduated sizes of diamonds or gemstones. The graduated tennis chain will have the largest stones at the centre of the chain, with stones getting smaller towards the ends of the chain. 

One benefit of this type of tennis chain is that it is heavier at the centre and lighter at the ends. This reduces the chances of the tennis chain flipping whilst you wear it. 


Coloured Tennis Chain

coloured tennis chain

The coloured tennis chain features diamonds or gemstones that are not standard clear stones. Some stones used for these tennis chains are rubies, emeralds and sapphires. 

Bored of the standard clear stoned tennis chain? The coloured tennis chain is a great way to switch it up. Coloured tennis chains come in a range of colours including pink, red, blue and black. There are an endless number of coloured stones to choose from to suit your personal style. 


Baguette Tennis Chain

baguette tennis chain

The baguette tennis chain features baguette-cut diamonds and stones rather than round stones. This type of tennis chain has a square appearance and looks continuous. Because of how big the stones are in this chain, it is highly reflective. 

The baguette diamonds or gemstones in a tennis chain are set in a channel or bezel setting. Channel settings hold the baguette cut stones through a channel. This secures the sides of the tennis chain and creates a continuous-looking chain. 


Double-Row Tennis Chain

double row tennis chain

The double-row tennis chain consists of two rows of diamonds or gemstones. 

Stones in a double-row tennis chain are set in either a prong or bezel setting. Having this double row of diamonds helps to create a layered look. It also gives the effect of a much thicker tennis chain. Because this tennis chain consists of two rows of diamonds, it will cost more than a single-row tennis chain.


Floating Tennis Chain

floating tennis chain

The floating tennis chain is a tennis chain designed to create the illusion of gemstones suspended in the air. The look is achieved by setting the stones in a thin metal chain, which can be as thin as 1mm.  Stones are often set using a small prong setting as well.


Choker Tennis Chain

female wearing choker tennis chain on neck

The choker tennis chain is a variation of the tennis chain designed to sit higher on the neck. Like a traditional tennis chain, the choker tennis chain features rows of diamonds or stones. 

Usually, the choker tennis chain will have a length between 14 to 16 inches. The chain fits snug around the neck which is why these tennis chains tend to be much thinner in width. They usually range from 1mm to 3mm in size. 


Clustered Tennis Chain

clustered tennis chain

The clustered tennis chain features smaller diamonds set closely together in groups. Most cluster tennis chains feature a large centre stone surrounded by smaller stones. 

The clustered tennis chain is usually thicker in width, ranging from 10mm to 12mm.



There are so many types of tennis chains to choose from. Each has its own unique style and setting and suits different preferences and styles. 

From classic to graduated, baguette, floating or clustered tennis chain, there is a perfect style out there for everyone.

Each chain has its own benefits that range from enhanced brilliance and shine of stones to reduced chances of flipping. Whichever tennis chain you choose, you are sure to catch eyes wherever you go with this ultimate statement piece. 

Looking for the affordable high quality tennis chains? Shop our tennis chain collection.

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