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Article: 4 Easy Ways To Untangle A Chain Necklace

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4 Easy Ways To Untangle A Chain Necklace

For many of us, the main problem with chain necklaces is that they just seem to constantly get tangled when you put it down or store it away with other chains. This paired with the fact that untangling a chain necklace is a super tedious and often time-consuming task, many will just give up all together in trying to untangle their chains. 

There are 4 main ways to untangle a chain necklace, which consist of using a variety of solutions and materials including baby powder, Windex, olive oil or safety pins. All the methods mentioned in this blog post work as they lubricate the chain enough for untangling. 

In this blog post, we go over exactly how to untangle a chain necklace!

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Best Practices For Untangling Chain Necklaces

  • Lay the tangled chain necklaces flat on a surface that is white or light-coloured, this allows you to see the tangles in your chain necklace more. 
  • Turn on overhead lighting, this will help increase the visibility of the knot. 
  • Spread the necklace out before trying to untangle it and identify where the knots are. Ensure that you do this gently as you don't want to further tighten or create new knots. 
  • Before untangling you’ll want to ensure that your necklace is unclasped. 


Baby Powder Method

For this, you’ll need baby powder, a safety pin or a needle and a paper towel. 

  1. Sprinkle the baby powder all over your chain necklace ensuring you get good coverage of the whole chain. The baby powder acts as a lubricant and loosens up knots. 
  2. Then put in a safety pin at the centre of the knot and pull it apart using either the pin or your fingers by moving the chain outwards from the centre. Continue to sprinkle more powder if needed. 
  3. Once you have untangled the chain, clean it with a dry paper towel to remove any leftover powder. 

Olive Oil Method

For this, you’ll need olive oil/baby oil, a cotton swab, mild soap or jewellery cleaner and a paper towel 

  1. Dip the cotton swab into the olive oil and gently apply it to the chain necklace at the location of the knot to loosen it up. Continue working it in until the knots get looser.
  2. Then put a safety pin at the centre of the now and pull it apart using either the pin or fingers by moving the chain outwards from the centre of the knot. 
  3. Once your chain necklace is untangled, dip it in mild soap, water, or jewellery cleaner. Gently dry it with a paper towel when done. 

Windex Method

For this method, you’ll need some Windex, Tupperware, mild soap and a paper towel

  1. Apply some Windex onto a cotton swab and apply it to the knot carefully. 
  2. Place the necklace in a small container and place it over something that vibrates in the house, such as a washing machine or speaker. The tangles should eventually loosen and you can undo the knots with your fingers. 
  3. Once untangled, fill the Tupperware with mild soapy water and dip the necklace in there whilst massaging it with your fingers. Then rinse clean with water and dry it with a paper towel. 

Safety Pin Method

For this, all you’ll need is a safety pin or needle. 

  1. Insert the pin into the centre of the knot and wiggle it around to create space between the tangled chain necklace. Once you have created enough space use another pin or your fingers to fully unravel the chains. When doing this ensure you are careful as you can cause damage to the chains, especially if they are more delicate.
  2. The benefit of this method is that there are no clean-up requirements. 

Prevention Is The Best Intervention

The majority of the time tangled chain necklaces occur because of improper storage and chains intertwining with one another because of movements. A common but try saying is that prevention is the best intervention. Following this, when storing your chain necklaces you should always keep them in separate containers, bags or pouches to ensure they don’t tangle. At Sky Austria, all our pendants, chains and bracelets come in a premium frosted pouch and velour packaging so you won’t need to worry about having to untangle chain necklaces when storing them.


Untangling a chain necklace doesn’t have to be difficult as these methods prove! All you need are a couple of household supplies that you may already have lying around and you are good to go. Now you know how to untangle a chain necklace, why not share this post with your friends so they know exactly what to do if they run into the same problem?

Want to learn more about tangled chain necklaces? We have a blog post on how to layer chains without tangling we think you would love!

Interested in learning more about chain necklaces in general? Read our blog which covers all there is to know about chains!

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