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Article: What Is A Cuban Bracelet? The Ultimate Guide

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What Is A Cuban Bracelet? The Ultimate Guide

What Is A Cuban Bracelet?

A Cuban link bracelet is a bold-looking bracelet made from tight and twisted interlocking links. The interlocking links of the Cuban bracelet fit together seamlessly allowing the bracelet to lay flat when worn. They are a must-have bracelet type that goes with every outfit. 

5mm gold cuban bracelet

5mm Gold Cuban Bracelet by Sky Austria

Despite being called the Cuban chain / bracelet, they were made in America and originated in Miami. The Cuban chain and bracelet were loved and worn by the hip-hop community and because of this became a popular chain. Many well-known hip-hop artists still wear these types of chains today. Cuban bracelets and chains have been seen worn by artists including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, DJ Khalid, 50 Cent and more!

The Cuban chain and bracelet feature one of the strongest link types and patterns you can get in a chain and the strength is comparable to the well-known box chain which is why they are often used for heavier pendants. Because of their flat surfaces, they are super reflective in sunlight, similar to a herringbone chain. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a Cuban chain and bracelet is that even at thinner widths they look chunkier and fuller than other chains at the same widths due to their roundish links. 

The Cuban bracelet comes in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Common widths for this  bracelet range from 3mm - 12mm, however, can they be found in even smaller or bigger sizes. 4mm to 8mm Cuban chain bracelets are great for a more feminine look, whilst 8-12mm provide a more masculine feel. Cuban bracelets also come in a range of materials with the most common base metals being sterling silver, stainless steel or solid gold. Layered on top of stainless steel and sterling silver can be gold plating or gold vermeil which creates the appearance of real gold without the extreme costs. Additionally Cuban chain bracelets are great as they can be customised to your liking, with the flat surface of the bracelet being perfect for setting stones and diamonds to add a bit of bling. 

How Much Does A Cuban Bracelet Cost? 

How much a Cuban chain bracelet cost depends on a number of factors including the size, length and material. A solid gold Cuban bracelet can cost up to £7000+ depending on the size and length of the chain. However they can also come in more affordable prices that range from £30 - £100 depending on the thickness and length, these will usually be made from stainless steel or sterling silver with gold variations being gold plated to reduce costs. No matter your budget, there are Cuban bracelets suitable for everyone to purchase and wear. 

How To Wear A Cuban Link Bracelet?

One of the easiest ways to wear a Cuban chain bracelet is as a statement piece. For this thicker Cuban bracelets work best as they act as the centrepiece for the outfit. To pull this off you’ll want to limit the amount of other jewellery you have on, whilst also choosing outfits that are simpler including a t-shirt and jeans or a t-shirt in joggers with no print. This ensures that when you wear your chunky Cuban that it catches all attention. 

5mm silver cuban bracelet

5mm Silver Cuban Bracelet by Sky Austria

The second way of wearing a Cuban bracelet is to add a watch. Small to medium-sized Cuban chain bracelets are great to match and layer with a watch. Having a Cuban bracelet layered behind a watch fills in the extra space on your arm and gives a super unique and different look compared to a single watch on the wrist. Additionally, if you want a more balanced outfit adding the bracelet on the opposite side of the watch arm works great.

The third way to wear a Cuban chain bracelet is to add in another bracelet, for this, we recommend small to medium-thickness bracelets to pull off this look, as chunkier ones can look overwhelming. Pair a Cuban bracelet with a shinier bracelet like the Tennis bracelet or even stack another Cuban bracelet with a different thickness.

cuban bracelet and tennis bracelet layered

Don’t forget about the other types of jewellery you have too! Pair your Cuban bracelet with a pendant necklace or chain like a Cuban necklace to balance an outfit from top to bottom. Adding jewellery high and low up on your body gives your outfit a more coordinated and balanced look. 

One factor you should consider when deciding on how to wear a Cuban chain bracelet is the colour and materials it is made of. For a cohesive look ensure that you match materials whether that’s solid gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or gold plated so that the jewellery has the same look. Going hand in hand with material, you’ll want to match by colour so matching gold pieces with gold pieces, silver with silver, rose gold with rose gold and so on. 

Another factor you should consider when when deciding on how to wear a Cuban bracelet with other jewellery is the thickness of the bracelet. Thicker Cuban bracelets are better as statement pieces whilst thinner bracelets are great for layering with other types of bracelets. Thinner Cuban chain bracelets on their own are great as a subtle jewellery piece and work well with more formal outfits, whilst thicker bracelets are great for more casual outfits or for going out outfits. 

How Should A Cuban Link Bracelet Fit? 

male wearing 5mm Cuban Link bracelet in silver on wrist

In general a Cuban bracelet should have a medium to loose fit to show off the design and bracelet style. When considering how a bracelet fits you should determine how much flexibility you want with your chain and how much you move your hand and arm throughout the day. Personally I prefer a Cuban bracelet to fit more tightly and snug to my wrist as I don’t like the feeling of a loose bracelet as it can sometimes get in the way, but you may prefer a looser and more breathable fit.

Where To Buy A Cuban Link Bracelet?

At Sky Austria, we supply the best quality Cuban bracelets at the most affordable prices. If you are looking for a gold Cuban bracelet, we have gold-plated options that won’t break the bank but look exactly like gold. If you don't fancy gold jewellery we have silver Cuban bracelets as well. 

shop our cuban bracelets

Want to learn more about other bracelets? Check out our ultimate guide to all bracelet styles.

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I recently ordered and received a Miami Cuban bracelet from a major jeweler in the Miami Florida region. The Miami Cuban style is somewhat different than the standard Cuban and in my opinion looks a lot better and more stylish. Explaining the difference between the two styles would take up too much time and space here but can be researched at major gold jewelers’ websites in the Miami/Hialeah Florida areas. Best of luck!

Ricardo Parks

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