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Article: What Is A Cuban Chain? The Ultimate Guide

silver cuban chain 5mm

What Is A Cuban Chain? The Ultimate Guide

In a world where fashion trends come and go quickly, it’s easy to feel left behind and directionless. This is why it’s so important to get accessories that are stylish and timeless. Everyone needs that one jewellery piece that will elevate their look for years to come, without the fear of being out of style. 

Look no further than the Cuban chain! The chain has a rich history dating back to the 70s and has an iconic design that everyone recognises. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Cuban chains. We’ll go through what they are, the different types, how to wear them, how much they cost and much more!

 What Is A Cuban Chain? 

male wearing 5mm gold cuban link chain on neck

 The Cuban chain also known as the “Miami Cuban Link Chain” is a close variation of the standard cable chain and is characterised by interlocking round or oval links, that lay flat on your neck or wrist. The interlocking pattern of the this chain gives it a high level of durability which make this a great long lasting jewellery piece that you know won’t break under pressure.

Cuban chains didn’t gain popularity till the 1970s to early 1980s, where the chain was seen worn by various hip hop artists. One of the most popular types of chains right now, the chain is characterised by it’s chunky, round or rectangular l links. The chain is so popular that there are even Cuban bracelets and anklets that you can purchase that look exactly the same as this chain. If you are interest to learn about the origins of this chain, read our blog which covers the history of the Cuban Link chain.

The chain comes in a variety of widths from 3mm all the way up to 20mm as well as a range of lengths running from 20-30 inches. Another great aspect of this chain is that the flat surface of each link makes it great for setting stones and diamonds to ice it out and add a bit of bling to anyone’s outfits.

The Cuban chain is great as a standalone piece when chunky, for holding pendants or to even be layered with other necklaces. The chain has been seen worn by both men and women and many celebrities such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, DJ Khalid and 50 cents have been seen rocking this style of chain.


Why Is It Called A Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban link chain is often thought to have originated from Cuba, however, this is actually not the case. Cuban link chains were first made in America. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear the Cuban link chain be referred to as the “Miami Cuban link chain” As hip-hop jewellery grew in Miami, so did the popularity of the Cuban link chain.


Are Cuban Chains Attractive? 

male wearing 8mm gold cuban link chain on neck

Cuban chains are considered attractive by most people. The chain has a bold and masculine look that is eye-catching and perfect for creating a statement. The Cuban chain has a classic and timeless feel that people can’t get enough of! Another reason why people find the Cuban chain attractive is that it is versatile in styling. It can be layered with many pendants or chains and worn with both smart and casual outfits.


What Are The Different Types Of Cuban Chain?

Gucci Cuban Link chain

There are loads of different types of Cuban chains to choose from. From Miami Cuban Link chains to Iced out Cuban chains, Flat Cuban link chains and Prong Cuban chains. Here is a brief overview of each of the different types of Cuban Chain. 

  • Miami Cuban link Chain - consists of round, thick and bold Cuban  Learn more about the Miami Cuban here.  
  • Iced Out Cuban Chain - usually a flatter type of Cuban chain that is encrusted with diamonds or gemstones 
  • Flat Cuban link chain - this Cuban chain features flatter and wider links than the standard Miami Cuban chain. 
  • Bevelled Cuban link chain - Similar to a flat Cuban link chain but with greater bevell on the edges. 
  • Prong Cuban Chain - also known as the "square Cuban chain" and is known for its sharp and angular look. 
  • Gucci Cuban Chain - feature thick G shaped links within the Cuban chain link pattern. 

To see what each chain looks like and to learn more about each one check out our blog post which covers the different types of Cuban chains!


How Are Cuban Chains Made?

The process of making a Cuban Chain involves many materials and processes. 

Some of the materials that you'll need to make one include metal wire, sheets, pliers, soldering sets, files, sandpaper and polishing equipment. 

The processes involved include forming links, closing and soldering them, twisting the chain into alignment, constructing the box clasp and creating the tongue and button mechanism for it to work. 

To learn more in-depth about each step, check out our blog which covers how to make a Cuban Link chain.


What's The Difference Between A Hollow And Solid Cuban Chain?

hollow vs solid Cuban chain

The hollow Cuban chain is a Cuban chain that has links with an empty core, whilst the solid Cuban chain is completely filled inside. This often means that the hollow Cuban chain will have a lighter feel and be less expensive than a solid variation. 

To learn more about the difference between hollow and solid Cubans, check out our blog which covers the hollow Cuban chain vs solid Cuban chain.


How Much Does A Cuban Chain Cost?

female wearing 5mm Silver Cuban link chain on neck

The price of Cuban chains depends on various factors including the quality, material, type of clasp, width and brand of the chain.

A solid Gold Cuban chain for example will be more expensive than one made from silver or stainless steel. The karat of gold can even affect the price, with an 18k gold Cuban link chain being more expensive than a 14k and 10k gold chain. Cuban chains can cost from £7000+ and can cost even more if they are customised.

The great thing about these chains is that they come in a variety of materials, so finding one that suits your budget and lifestyle is fairly easy.

Thickness is also another factor that affects the price of a Cuban chain. Thicker variations are more expensive than thinner ones as they take more material to make.

The type of clasp is also a factor to consider. A Cuban link chain that utilises a box clasp will be more expensive than one that utilises a simple lobster clasp as the mechanism is much more simple.

Want to learn more about how much a Cuban chains price can vary? Check out our blog which covers exactly how much a Cuban chain costs.

If you are looking for an affordable Cuban chains, we have a range to choose from to choose from including our 3mm silver and gold our 5mm silver and gold variations.

How Much Does A Diamond Cuban Link Chain Cost?

male wearing diamond Cuban Link chain on neck

Diamond Cuban Chain by Buy Fine Diamonds

The price of a diamond Cuban link chain depends on many factors. These include the size and quality of the diamonds, as well as the metals used to make the chain. The design and the craftsmanship of the chain 

A Cuban link chain that features smaller diamonds, a chain made from lower karats of gold or sterling silver can cost only a few hundred dollars. 

On the higher end, a Cuban link chain that is larger and is made from higher quality diamonds, and higher karat gold can cost thousands of dollars. 


Why Are Cuban Link Chains So Expensive?

Cuban Link chains and stacks of money

There are many factors that contribute to a Cuban link chain's expensive price tag. Some of the main ones include: 

  • Materials - the Cuban link chain is thick and consists of many links. This means it uses up lots of metals such as gold or silver which can be costly. 
  • Demand - because the Cuban link chain is such a popular piece of jewellery, the heightened demand means jewellers and online retailers will often bump up prices. 
  • Design - the intricate design and link structure of the Cuban chain requires more time and effort to create. This is especially true for handmade pieces. This can drive up the cost of the Cuban chain.

How To Wear A Cuban Chain? 

wearing cuban chain

The ideal Cuban chain length is one that hangs at the base of the neck and falls just above the collarbone. Ensure that when wearing thischain that it is on your neck properly and that it lays flat when worn. For more information on choosing a chain length, check out our blog post on finding the perfect chain length for yourself.

Another consideration when wearing a Cuban link chain is to think about the colour. The most common colours for this type of chain include silver and gold but they can also come in rose gold variations. The colour of your chain is an important consideration as certain colours will certain tones or clothing better. Silver variations go well with more cool and pale skills tones and with basic clothing colours such as black, white and grey. Gold chains go better with more warm skin tones and look great with brown, copper, bronze or red colour clothing, but also great with plain black clothes.

Another aspect of the to consider when deciding how to wear this chain is the thickness.

Thinner Cuban chains chains ranging from 1mm to 3mm are great as a single jewellery piece for a subtle look but can also be used to make a statement when layered with more chains or a pendants. Thicker variations ranging from 4mm to 12mm are great as a statement piece and catch eyes as they are alone.

When styling a Cuban chain with your outfit, you’ll want to keep your clothes as simple as possible to let the Cuban chains really stand out. Single-coloured clothing works best for these types of chains. Additionally these chains are great when paired with earrings, rings, bracelets and watches. In general when pairing this type of chain with other jewellery you’ll want all the colours to match unless you are going for a purposeful mixed colour look.

Learn more about wearing Cuban chains by reading our dedicated guide on how to wear a Cuban chain.


How To Put On A Cuban Chain

male putting on a 8mm gold cuban link chain

How you put on a Cuban chain will depend on what type of clasp you have. Putting on a lobster clasp Cuban link chain will be a different experience than one with a box clasp. However, here is a general guide on how to put one. 

  1. Before putting the Cuban link chain on grab one end of the Cuban chain an with your thumb and first finger run them down the whole length of the chain. This is to ensure that the links are straight before you put the chain on. 
  2. Put the chain around your neck and make sure that the clasp is facing downwards towards your chest. This makes it easier for you to see the clasp as you put it on. 
  3. With the two ends of the chain, bring them together in front of your neck. 
  4. Take the clasp of the Cuban chain and insert it into the end of the other chain. 
  5. Once the chain has been clasped turn the chain around so that the clasp is at the back of your neck. 


How To Take Off A Cuban Link Chain

male taking off 8mm miami cuban link chain in gold

How you take off a Cuban link chain will depend on what type of clasp the chain has. The most common clasp for a Cuban link chain is the lobster claw and box clasp. 

  1. Identify where the clasp is on the chain. This will usually be at the back of your neck if you wear it. 
  2. Hold the chain on one end with one hand and the other to open the clasp. To open a box clasp just unlock the clasp and slide the ends out. For a lobster clasp just pull back the lever. 
  3. Sometimes it can be challenging to separate the two ends of the chain, especially with a box clasp. In that case, gently wiggle the ends of the chain back and forth whilst gently pulling the two ends apart. 
  4. Once the clasp has been unclasped, carefully pull the chain away from your neck.

To learn more about how to take off and open a Cuban link for different types of clasps, check out our blog post which covers how to open a Cuban link chain


How Long Should A Cuban Link Chain Be?

measuring length of a cuban chain

The most versatile Cuban link chain length is between 18 and 22 inches. Having a Cuban chain between these two numbers is a pretty safe bet if you are unsure of your neck measurements and most of the time these will fit any neck. Anything shorter than 18 inches and the chain becomes more of a choker and anything longer will look too oversized.

If you are looking to accurately determine the length you should get for your Cuban chains measure you neck using a measuring tape and hold it as close to the skin as possible. For the perfect fit add anywhere between 2 to 4 inches on that measurement. How much you decide to add onto your neck measurement is based on personal preferences if you like a more snug or loose fit.

One consideration when choosing a Cuban chain length is the size and length of your neck. Longer necks look better with variations that are closer to the neck, with lengths ranging from 16 to 18inches being perfect. If you have a wider and shorter neck then a long variation ranging from 20 to 24 inches is ideal as the chain will create the illusion of a longer neck.

Another consideration is your height. Shorter people look better with a 16 to 20 inch Cuban link chain as these lengths don’t overwhelm smaller frames. Taller people are lucky in that they can suit almost all types of chain lengths.

Face shape is not something that is often thought about when choosing the length for Cuban chains, but is still an important consideration. For rounder faces you’ll want to avoid shorter chains that sit closer to the neck as this can emphasise the roundness of your face further. For longer faces, a shorter chain can helps soften and round off long facial features.

You’ll also want to think about where the Cuban chain ends when you wear it. If the chain falls in an area you don’t want to draw attention to, try getting a shorter or longer chain to prevent this.

The length of the Cuban link chain you choose will also depend on the thickness of the actual chain. When comparing a thicker and thinner chain at the same length, they will give a different look as thicker chains will appear closer to the neck than a thinner one.

The size and weight of Cuban chains also affects how it looks when worn. A thicker and heavier chain will require more length to drape properly in comparison to a thinner chain.

Some general rules to follow if you are unsure of the length of Cuban chain to get:

  • Closer-sitting Cuban chain (16 to 18 inches)
  • Mid length Cuban chain that falls just below the collarbone (20 - 22 inches)
  • Longer Cuban chain that falls just above the chest (24 - 26 inch chain)

    Learn more about how to choose the perfect Cuban chain size by reading our Cuban chain size guide.


    How Thick Should A Cuban Chain Be?

    silver cuban chain width

    The answer to this will depend on a number of factors including the occasion you'll be wearing it as well as styling.

    For those looking to layer their Cuban chains with other chain necklaces, anywhere between 1-5mm Cuban chains are perfect. At these thicknesses the Cuban chain is more subtle and doesn't take too much attention to other chains that are layered. 

    For those looking to wear them as a statement piece, you should go for anything between 5-10mm. At this thickness the chunky look of the Cuban chain starts to be more present and is ideal for wearing on it's own. 

    The two most popular Cuban chain thicknesses are the 3mm and 5mm Cuban chain. Both these chains are great for everyday wear and are versatile in styling. They also provide top tier durability that can't be matched by any other chain. 

    Stuck on whether the 3mm or 5mm Cuban chain is fit for you? Check out our 3mm vs 5mm Cuban link chain blog where we compare the two side by side to help you make a better informed buying decision!

    Not sure whether to get the 6mm or 8mm Cuban link chain? Read our blog which covers the 6mm vs 8mm Cuban link chain

    Need some advice on is the 4mm or 5mm Cuban link chain is for you? Check out our blog which goes over the 4mm vs 5mm Cuban link chain.

    Or are you stuck between the 6mm vs 6mm Cuban Link chain? Check out our blog which compares the 6mm and 7mm Cuban Link chain


    How Much Does A Cuban Link Chain Weigh?

    weighing gold Cuban Link chain on digital scale

    The weight of a Cuban link chain will depend on many factors. These factors include weight, width and materials used. 

    • Materials - A Cuban link chain made from gold will be much heavier than one made from silver or stainless steel. 
    • Length - the longer the Cuban link chain the more it will weigh. This is because it will have more links. 
    • Width - the thicker the Cuban link chain the more it will weigh. This is because it will use more metals. 

    To get a better idea of how much a Cuban link chain can weigh here are some measurements we took of our own Cuban link chains! There is a range for these measurements as it includes measurements for both our plain stainless steel pieces and our gold-plated ones which will weigh more naturally. 

    • An 18inch, 3mm stainless steel Cuban link chain weighs approximately 6-8 grams 
    • An 18-inch 5mm stainless steel Cuban link chain weighs approximately 16-20 grams 
    • A 20-inch 8mm stainless steel Cuban link chain weighs approximately 56 - 66 grams 


    Can You Put A Pendant On A Cuban Chain?

    gold cuban chain 5mm with icarus pendant

    The Cuban chain is one of the most common types of chain to use for pendants. This mostly has to do with the actual link structure of the chain. Because the chain is made from interlinked thick oval-shaped links the chain can support the heaviest of pendants. At the same time attaching a pendant onto a this type of chain is relatively easy, all you need to do is ensure that your pendant is attached to a bail which is big enough for the chain to go through. Your pendant should already come with a bail so you won’t have to worry about attaching on yourself. In addition to this because the Cuban link chain comes in a range of widths and lengths, they are great for bases to display pendants on and can fit many types of bail structures. 

    How To Untangle A Cuban Link Chain? 

    tangled gold cuban chain

    It is not uncommon to see kinks in your Cuban chain when storing it for long periods of time or even when wearing day-to-day. In general thinner variations kink much easier than thicker ones and thicker Cuban chains also tend to be much easier to unkink.

    Majority of the time a Cuban chain can be untangled simply by using your fingers and moving the links slightly. Some methods you can try include:

    • Pulling the two sides of the chain in opposite directions
    • Hanging the Cuban link chain from one side
    • Push the Cuban links together then twist outwards.
    • Use tweezers
    • Get help from a professional jeweller

      To learn more details about each of these methods, read our blog post which covers how to untangle a Cuban link chain.


      Which Cuban Chains Are Best For Everyday Wear?

      male wearing 8mm cuban link chain on neck

      With so many types of Cuban chains to choose from, it can be challenging to pick one that will work with every outfit and can be worn everyday. If you choose a Cuban chain that is too thick, you run the risk of it not suiting your style. 

      For everyday wear we recommend the 3mm Cuban chain and 5mm Cuban chain. At these widths the Cuban chain won't be too big or too subtle, and offers great durability. 

      For those feeling a bit more bold, 8mm Cuban chains are perfect. At this width they are more noticeably big, without looking too overwhelming. The 8mm Cuban chain also offers maximum durability. 

      To find our why each of these chains are so great, check out our blog post which goes over the best Cuban chains for everyday wear!

      How To Clean A Cuban Link Chain?  

      cleaning cuban chain with toothbrush

      Cleaning Cuban chains is an easy process and should be done regularly to ensure they look shiny and as good as new all day.

      To clean a Cuban chain all you need is some warm water, mild dish soap a toothbrush or a soft bristled brush. In a bowl mix warm water with a couple drops of mild dish soap and leave your Cuban chain in the mixture for 10 minutes to soak. After this use a soft bristled brush to clean individual links and to clean hard to get grease and dirt. Once this is done rinse the chain in warm water and dry it off with a paper towel or soft cloth. Avoid using any rough towels or cloths to avoid scratching your the links of the chain.

      For more ways of cleaning your Cuban link chain, check out our blog post which covers how to clean a Cuban link chain


      How Do You Fix A Cuban Link Chain?

      fixing a Cuban Link chain

      There are many steps involved in the fixing of a Cuban Link chain. These include doing an initial assessment of the damage, creating an open link to reattach the chain, and finally closing the open link. For thicker Cuban Link chains, the process is much more complicated, and you will want to seek the help of a jeweller. 

      Looking to learn more about each of the steps for repairing a Cuban Link chain? Read out blog post which covers how to fix a Cuban Link chain


      Are Cuban And Curb Chains The Same?

      Often Cuban chains and Curb chains are mistaken for one another, however there are some distinct differences between the two types of chains.

      silver curb chain

      Curb chains are characterised by interlocking links that resemble a curb shape. When wearing a curb chain they have a flat and smooth appearance. In comparison to a Cuban chain these types of chains are much more flexible and shinier.

      Similar to a Curb chain, the Cuban link chain also has interlocking links, however each link is more rounder and thicker. They have a more eye-catching and heavier look in comparison to a Cur chain. Cuban chains have bigger links which make the chain much heavier than a Curb chain, and the links are much more closely interlocked together making for a more rigid chain.

      To learn more differences between the two, read our blog post which goes through the Cuban chain vs curb chain discussion.


      Cuban Chain vs Rope Chain: Which Is Better?

      silver 3mm rope chain and cuban chain

      Both chains offer durability, timelessness and versatility with styling. The Cuban chain has the edge over the rope chain in terms of lightweight feel and customisability. However, the rope chain has the edge over the Cuban chain in terms of resistance to tangling and shine.  

      Both pieces are timeless and you are sure to find someone wearing either of these outside. 

      Read our Cuban chain vs rope chain blog to get an in-depth analysis of each of these chains!

      Wanting to compare the micro Cuban Chain and  the rope chain, check out our on the micro Cuban Chain vs rope chain


      Cuban Chain vs Franco Chain: Which Is Better?

      gold Franco chain and cuban chain

      Both the Cuban chain and Franco chain have their similarities and differences. 

      Both chains offer great durability, are quiet resistant to tangling and are easy to repair. However both chains are also harder to clean when they get dirty and are quiet expensive compared to other types of chains. 

      The Cuban chain tends to be much more shiny, heavier and tends to cost more than a Franco chain with the same specifications.

      To learn more about the differences between the Cuban chain and Franco chain, check out our blog post that goes through the Cuban chain vs Franco chain


      Tennis Chain vs Cuban Link Chain: Which One Should I Buy?

      4mm tennis chain and 5mm cuban chain

      Comparing the tennis chain vs Cuban link chain is quiet difficult as they are so different. However there are some similarities. Which chain you should buy out of the two will depend on how you plan on styling it, your budget and how often you wear it. 

      The tennis chain is the perfect piece for someone looking for a chain necklace that packs a punch in terms of shine. This is the perfect style for smarts outfits and works great as a statement piece. If you really want to catch eyes this can even be layered with other chains. We recommend getting the tennis chain if you have the budget for it as it is such a timeless piece, that is not as commonly worn. 

      The Cuban chain is a great piece as it will always be a timeless piece. The Cuban chain is super durable which makes it great for every day wear. It is also quiet a heavy chain, so if you are looking for this then the Cuban is perfect. For those on a budget you will definitely want to buy the Cuban chain as it will last you a lifetime. 

      At the end of the day, which chain you should buy is mostly down to personal preference. 

      Looking for a more detailed comparison of the tennis chain and Cuban link chain? Check out our tennis chain vs Cuban link blog post!


      Figaro Chain vs Cuban Chain: Which One Is Better?

      3mm gold Figaro chain and 8mm silver cuban chain

      When comparing any two chains, which one is better will be dependent on your personal preferences, style and needs. 

      The Figaro chain is better for those looking for a subtle piece that is highly versatile in styling. This chain is ideal paired with other chains or with pendants.

      The Cuban chain will be better for those with a larger budget, who are looking specifically for a statement piece. This chain is best for those who like their chains chunky and bold. 

      Find out more about these two chains including pros, cons and differences by reading our blog post which goes over the Figaro chain vs Cuban chain!


      Box Chain vs Cuban Link: Which One Is Better?

      Which one is best for you will depend on a variety of factors. Some important considerations you need to make are how you plan on styling and your own budget. 

      For those that are just looking for a simple chain that isn't too bold and suits any occasions, then the box chain is perfect. 

      For those looking for a chain with a bolder look and offers maximum durability then the Cuban link chain is what you should go for. 

      Find out more about these two popular chains by reading our blog which looks at the box chain vs Cuban link chain


      Infinity Link vs Cuban Link: Which One Should You Buy?

      Which one is best to buy will depend on many factors. Before choosing consider what you are looking for in a chain and how you plan on styling the chain. 

      For those looking for an uncommon chain that offers great shine and is thick and bold, the infinity link is perfect for you!

      For those looking for a simpler chain that is timeless and can be styled with any outfit, the classic Cuban link chain is the one you should go for!

      For a more in-depth comparison of these two chains, check out our Infinity link vs Cuban link blog!


      Where To Buy Cuban Link Chains? 

      There are many different places you can buy Cuban link chains from. Some common places to buy them include brick-and-mortar jewellery stores, online retailers, secondhand shops and pawn shops. 

      At Sky Austria, we supply high-quality and affordable Cuban link chains to choose from. Choose from a variety of colours, weights, lengths and widths of Cuban link chains. Elevate your style today with our collection of Cubans!

      Looking to get our Cuban chains at a discount? Check out our 10% coupon code here!

      Buy Cuban Chains Here

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