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Article: What Is A Figaro Chain? The Ultimate Guide

3mm silver Figaro chain

What Is A Figaro Chain? The Ultimate Guide

What is a Figaro Chain?

Figaro Chains are characterised by having a chain pattern designed with one elongated oval link followed by two to three smaller circular rings. The chain resembles very closely a cable or curbs link chain, however, is a more open alternative. The Figaro chain necklace is a great option for those that want a simple but unique chain pattern. Due to the Figaro chain’s durability, this type of chain is great for holding heavy pendants. 

male wearing 5mm silver figaro chain on neck

3mm Silver Figaro Chain by Sky Austria

History of Figaro Chains:

The Figaro chain offers a unique chain design in comparison to other chain types, combining oval and longer links with rounder links. The chain originated in Italy, where talented fine chain makers make and produce this style of chain.

The name “Figaro” comes from characters in classic operas including ‘The Barber of Seville’ and ‘Marriage of Figaro’. 

This type of chain necklace was commonly worn in Italy by men, with many upper-class Italian gentlemen sitting to watch the theatre and wearing this style of chain. 

The Figaro chain necklace continues to gain popularity now, even in the year 2022, with females being seen wearing this style of chain as well. 

Is a Figaro chain strong?

The Figaro chain’s durability and strength have been compared to Cable or Cuban link chains, which are among the strongest chains you can get. 

Figaro chains are super strong and durable due to their soldered links, making them hard to break apart compared to other open-link chains. Figaro chains tend to be a heavier chain type due to thicker links, allowing them to have resistance to kinks and breaking. 

That being said, other considerations such as the materials of the Figaro chain also need to be considered. A full solid 3mm Gold Figaro necklace will often be softer than a stainless steel alternative. 

How are Figaro Chains made?

The Figaro chain necklace is made using flattened links of varying lengths. Making a Figaro chain is as simple as inserting an elongated link in the chain pattern after every 2-4 regular links. Most Figaro chains are also interconnected along them to lie on the wearer’s chest flat. 

How do you fix a Figaro chain?

Getting a Figaro chain fixed is relatively easy, which is why it remains one of the more popular styles of chains for people looking for a long-lasting chain.

To fix this type of chain more often than not all you have to do is replace the broken link/links and the chain should be as good as new. 

The benefit of having a Figaro chain over a continuous chain like a Herringbone or Snake chain is that when the chain is broken it is more likely than not able to be fixed.

Are Figaro chains in style?

Years after their invention, the Figaro chain is still one of the most popular chains out there today. The chain is super versatile and fits most types of clothing and styles.

The chain pattern is also much more complex compared to standard Cable or Cuban chains but still offers the strength of both. 

Due to the Figaro chain’s strong historical background, even today you will still see a lot of Italian men wearing this style of Jewellery. 

Figaro chains remain popular with men, but their popularity with women is also increasing. 

For more information about different types of chains, have a look at our blog which explains what are different types of chains to choose from. 


Is the Figaro chain or Cuban chain better?

Determining which one is better will depend on many factors. There isn't necessarily a better chain, just a chain that is better for you. 

For those looking for a subtle piece of jewellery that is less expensive and that can be layered with other chains and pendants, the Figaro chain is perfect for you. 

For those looking for a statement piece jewellery that is well recognised, feels heavier and catches eyes, the Cuban chain is the best option. 

Unsure about which one is the best for you? Check out our blog which covers the differences between the Figaro chain and Cuban chain


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