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Article: What Is A Pendant Necklace? Everything You Need To Know

Anubis pendant

What Is A Pendant Necklace? Everything You Need To Know

What is a pendant?

Pendants are loose pieces of jewellery that are attached to a necklace or chain through a small loop. They are extremely popular amongst both men and women and make for an interesting and eye-catching jewellery piece. 

female wearing gold katana pendant on neck

Does a pendant come with a chain?

A lot of jewellery vendors will sell the pendant and necklace/chain separately however at Sky Austria we sell them together so you don't need to worry about buying the chains. All our chains are specially chosen to match the aesthetic of each pendant that we offer perfectly!

Wondering what chain goes best with pendants? Look out our guide on the Best Chains For Pendants


How to wear a pendant? 

There are so many ways to wear a pendant and change it up. An easy way to switch up the style of a pendant would be to switch up the chain to which the pendant is attached. With so many types of chains including rope chains, Figaro chains, Cuban chains and wheat chains the possibilities are endless.

Another way to wear a pendant differently is to play around with layering. If you are looking for something subtle and lowkey a smaller pendant with no chains or necklaces layered would be your best bet. If that's too basic for you then you could even layer thinner chains with a thin pendant to add a bit more complexity to your jewellery style.

If you are looking for something out there that acts as a statement piece a chunkier pendant without any layered chains or necklaces is definitely the way forward.

If you're feeling brave and want to catch eyes everywhere you go, why not pair a chain or two with a chunky pendant?

Want to learn more about how to wear a pendant based on your face, body and neck shape? Check out our blog on How To Wear A Pendant.

male wearing silver Anubis pendant outside of brown hoodie

How to layer chains with a pendant? 

Firstly you want to set up the foundation for layering with a shorter chain, we recommend a chain anywhere between 40-45cm as the base layer then pairing it with a pendant that has a chain that is 50-55cm in length. This allows the pendant to still be the centrepiece whilst the shorter chain fills any excessive space on the neck. 

If you are looking to pair two chains and a pendant then similar rules apply. Find a foundation chain that is around 40cm, then find another chain that is 45cm and then pair it with a pendant that has a chain length of 50-55cm. This ensures that the two chains are paired together nicely whilst still giving enough space for the pendant to be the centrepiece. 

In general, we recommend leaving around a 5-10cm gap between chains and necklaces for the best results!

Have you ever layered a chain with a pendant and it constantly tangles? Have a look at our ultimate guide to layering necklaces without them tangling.

gold herringbone chain and rectangle pendant layered together

What is the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

A necklace is a piece of jewellery that is put around your neck, whilst a pendant is a loose piece of jewellery that is put on either a chain, earring, bracelet or anklet. Both pieces go hand and hand and are almost always worn together, however, more often than not, pendants are found near the neck and less so on earrings, bracelets and anklets. 

For more information about pendant and necklace differences, check out our extensive blog post about the differences between a pendant and a necklace!

gold icarus pendant

How To Make A Custom Pendant?

The exact methods we use to make custom pendants can be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. Brainstorming the style of pendant - this involves thinking about the style of the pendant and what it will actually look like.
  2. Designing using 3D CAD software - using tools such as Blender or Maya to sculpt or shape your ideal pendant.
  3. Sending off to manufacturers - this will involve downloading the file as an STL and sending that alongside specifications including dimensions, materials, pendant bail style, length of chain, type of chain and the quantity you want. 

Once you send it off to the manufacturers they will go through standard procedures including casting, setting and polishing and plating until the product is finished. 

Learn more about what it takes to make a pendant at our blog which takes you through in more details about making a custom pendant.

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