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Article: What Is A Tennis Chain? The Ultimate Guide

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What Is A Tennis Chain? The Ultimate Guide

The tennis chain necklace is a must-have piece for anyone’s jewellery collection, with its popularity increasing in the past couple of years. In this blog, you’ll learn about what is a tennis chain necklace, why they are called tennis necklaces, how to wear a tennis chain, how to stop tennis chains from flipping and how to clean a tennis chain. 


What Is A Tennis Chain Necklace? 

A tennis chain is characterised by a continuous strand of diamonds or gemstones that form the chain. The tennis chain often has diamonds or gemstones and comes in different sizes and widths. Most commonly they are found with symmetrical and identical stones that match in colour and style as well. 

4mm gold tennis chain

4mm Gold Plated Tennis Chain by Sky Austria

Tennis chain necklaces can be made from a wide range of materials including gold, silver, stainless steel, sterling silver and brass. They come in a variety of colours too including rose gold, gold and silver. As mentioned before depending on whether the tennis chain is made using diamonds or gemstones, the chain can come in a wide range of colours. If your tennis chain is made of diamonds it can also come in a variety of diamond grades. 

Tennis chain necklaces also come in a variety of settings. A bezel setting is where the diamond is set into a metal rim that hugs the edge of the stone. The benefit of a bezel setting is that the chances of the diamond or gemstone dislodging are reduced. The negative of a bezel setting is that it makes the appearance of the diamonds and gemstones less pronounced. A prong setting is where the diamonds or gemstones are held in place by metal prongs that come up from the setting. The benefit of this type of setting is that it allows more light to shine and reflect from the chain, however, the chances of the diamonds or gemstones dislodging are greater. 

Traditionally tennis chains are worn exclusively for special occasions as they are a more out-there piece, however, due to their increased popularity people have started wearing them casually too. 

We recommend a tennis chain necklace length of 18-20 inches as this allows you to layer with other chains or pendants.


Why Are They Called Tennis Chains? 

4mm gold tennis chain on neck

The story behind the name stems from an event that happened during the US Open. Chris Evert a tennis player had to stop the match and ask an official for time out because her diamond bracelet fell off her wrist. She refused to continue the match until the bracelet was found and it took her some time to eventually find it. In the post-match interview she referred to her diamond bracelet as her “tennis bracelet” and from that point on the style of the bracelet was named the tennis bracelet. Shortly after tennis chains were produced and made to look like tennis bracelets, which is why it shares the same name. 


What Are The Different Types Of Tennis Chain?

baguette tennis chain

There are many different types of tennis chains to choose from. Below is a list of some of the most popular types of tennis chains. 

  • Classic 
  • Graduated 
  • Coloured 
  • Baguette 
  • Double-row
  • Floating
  • Choker 
  • Clustered

Each one of these styles of tennis chain have their own design and features. To learn more about each one in-depth, read out blog post which covers the types of tennis chains you need to know about


How Much Does A Tennis Chain Cost?

The cost of a tennis chain depends on many factors. These include brand, materials and quality and size of diamonds or gemstones. 

Tennis chains made from lower-grade materials, smaller diamonds and lower-quality diamonds can cost you a few hundred pounds. Tennis chains made from higher-grade materials, larger diamonds and higher-quality diamonds can cost thousands of pounds. 

But buying a tennis chain doesn’t always have to be expensive. If you are looking for something that looks just like diamonds, doesn't rust or tarnish and is durable, shop our collection of tennis chain!


How To Wear A Tennis Chain? 

The tennis necklace chain is great for simple outfits, as it allows the chain to be the main attraction. Some outfits that would suit this chain are a simple plain dress, a blazer, a sweater, and a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. 

4mm Silver Tennis Necklace by Sky Austria

In general, when wearing a tennis chain you’ll want to match the colour of the chain with the colour of the other pieces that you are layering with. For example, coordinating all jewellery to be silver or gold. 

In addition to this how you wear a tennis chain necklace will depend on the thickness of the chain. A thinner tennis chain is best for layering with other chains or pendants, whilst a thicker tennis chain is best suited as a statement piece. 

The first way of styling a tennis chain necklace is as a statement piece. This works best for thicker tennis chains and is great for a super casual look. 

The second way of styling a tennis chain necklace is to layer the chain with a simple pendant. Ideally, you’ll want a shorter tennis chain for this look, anything ranging from 18 to 20-inch chain length chains with a pendant necklace length of 20+ inches. At Sky Austria, we have a range of custom pendants to choose from including our Anubis, Katana and Icarus pendants which look great layered with our tennis chains. 

The third way of styling a tennis chain necklace with your outfits is to layer the chain with other simpler chains. For the best results, we recommend using an 18-inch tennis chain as a base layer and layering it with a 20inch+ chain. We have an extensive range of simple chains to choose from including our rope chains, Cuban chains, wheat chains, herringbone chains and Figaro chains. 

The fourth way of styling a tennis chain necklace is to pair it with a matching tennis bracelet. This is great for people who really want to stand out and catch their eyes, whilst still looking coordinated. Check out our high-quality cubic zirconia tennis bracelets if you are looking to elevate your style with the  tennis chain!


How To Stop Tennis Chains From Flipping? 

One of the most frustrating aspects of a tennis chain is that some tennis chain necklaces will keep flipping as you wear them. 

One of the reasons for a tennis chain flipping is the design. Likely if your chain is constantly flipping then there’s not much you can do about it and you may need to purchase a new one. 

The main reason a tennis chain necklace flips is because of the weight of the chain. A lighter tennis chain is more likely to flip than a heavier one. You want to ensure that when you purchase your chain that it is heavy and made from high-quality materials. This will ensure that when you are carrying out your daily activities the chain doesn't constantly flip. 

Go Up A Carat Size

In relation to the weight of the tennis chain, there are various ways to ensure that your chain is heavy enough to prevent flipping. One way is to go up a carat size as heavier gemstones and diamonds will weigh the chain down and keep it stable on your neck. Another way is to just get a thicker tennis chain, as these tend to be heavier in general. The final method is to add on a heavy pendant which will weigh down the tennis chain. 

Choose The Right Chain Length / Shorten The Chain

You’ll also want to pick your tennis chain necklace length carefully. A shorter tennis chain will generally be less likely to flip than a longer one as there is less tension on the chain as a whole. You will usually be able to get your tennis chain shortened by the jeweller you bought it from. 

Try A Graduated Design

Picking the right style of tennis chain is also important. A graduated tennis chain is characterised by the centre of the chain having larger diamonds or gemstones and gradually reducing in size and weight until the end of the chain near the closure. This means more weight is at the centre and ensures that the chain remains to close the skin and doesn't flip over. 

Choose A Lower Setting

Also, pay attention to your tennis chain setting. A lower setting reduces the centre of gravity of the chain and reduces the chances of flipping. To simplify this, if the diamond or gemstones are lower down then they have a reduced risk of flipping. 

Add On A Pendant 

Adding on a pendant is also a great way to weigh down a tennis chain and prevent it from flipping. This works best for thinner tennis chains as it is harder to fit a pendant through a thicker chain. 

Solder The Tennis Chain

The final method of preventing a tennis chain necklace from flipping is to get a jeweller to solder it for you. This increases the weight of the necklace by adding metal. If you get your chain from a jeweller they will most likely ask you before you leave the store if you want to solder it to prevent it from flipping and to add weight. This is often preferred over buying a higher carat and is also more effective and cost-effective. 


How To Clean A Tennis Chain? 

cleaning tennis chain

  1. Fill the bowl with warm water and add some fragrance-free washing-up liquid. Stir the mixture up until bubbles start to foam. 
  2. Submerge the bracelet in the water and move it around using your finger. This should help remove hard-to-reach and remove dirt and wear. 
  3. Leave the bracelet in the mixture to soak for 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Then take the bracelet out and with a soft toothbrush, gently brush the whole chain to avoid dislodging diamonds. 
  5. Once done pat dry with paper towels or a clean microfibre cloth gently to avoid getting stuck on its prongs. 
  6. Once finished, tip the soapy solution through a meshy colander. This is so that if any gemstones do come off you can catch them and get them re-set by a professional.

To learn some other ways of cleaning your tennis chain, read out blog post which covers how to clean a tennis chain properly


How Do You Shorten A Tennis Chain?

If your tennis chain is too long for your neck you can always just shorten the tennis chain. We recommend going to a professional jewellery to get this done. Usually, a jeweller will do this by removing a couple of links from the chain. Below is a brief overview of how a jeweller goes about shortening a tennis chain for you.

  1. Asses the length - the jeweller will ask you for your neck measurements or take measurements of your neck themselves. They will determine how many links need to be removed to achieve the desired fit you want.
  2. Removing links - the jeweller will then go ahead and remove links from your tennis chain. This will usually be done with a specialised tool. The tool they use will depend on the style of tennis chain you have.
  3. Polishing ends - depending on how the jeweller has removed the links off your tennis chain they may smooth out the ends of your tennis chain. This gets rid of rough edges and keeps the tennis chain looking good.
  4. Final inspection - the jeweller will then take a final inspection to make sure everything is perfect.


What Type Of Tennis Chain Clasp Is The Best?

putting on silver tennis chain with a box clasp

The best type of tennis chain clasp for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget. 

The most common type of tennis chain clasp includes lobster clasps, box clasps. sliding clasps and hidden clasps. Each clasp is unique and has their own set of pros and cons. 

For maximum durability both the box clasp and lobster clasp are ideal. If you are looking to maximise the appearance of your tennis chain, then a hidden clasp may be better for you. If you are on a budget then a lobster clasp and slider clasp may be better suited for you. 

Learn more about the different tennis chain clasps by reading our blog which covers how to choose a tennis chain clasp for you


3mm vs 4mm Tennis Chain: Which Should You Get?

3mm vs 4mm tennis chain

The 3mm and 4mm tennis chain are among the most popular widths of tennis chain out there. From first glance these tennis chains look similar but they offer different characteristics. Which one you choose will depend on how you want to style it as well as the characteristics you are looking for in a chain. 

For those looking for a shiny chain that is lightweight, versatile in styling and is more budget friendly, the 3mm tennis chain is the one you'll want.

For those who have a bit more to spend, want a chain that is perfect as both a statement piece and layering piece and offers greater durability, the 4mm tennis chain is ideal. 

Learn more about the pros, cons and differences of each of these tennis chain by reading our blog that compared the 3mm vs 4mm tennis chain!


3mm vs 5mm Tennis Chain: Which One Is Best For Me?

This will depend on personal preferences, your budget and how you plan to style the tennis chain. 

For those that want a thinner chain that still catches the eye when worn, go for the 3mm tennis chain. This is also a great chain to style with other chains or pendants. It is also budget friendly and is one of the cheaper variations of tennis chain you can get. 

For those that really want to make a statement, the 5mm tennis chain is a no brainer. The 5mm tennis chain offers greater durability than the 3mm version and is ideal for those with a little more money to spend on their jewellery. 

For a more in-depth comparison between these two tennis chains, check out our blog which compares the 3mm vs 5mm tennis chain!


Which Chain Should I Get, The Cuban Chain Or Tennis Chain?

tennis chain vs cuban chain

Which chain you should get is a matter of preference, however we can give you some general recommendations about which one to get based on your preferences. 

The Tennis Chain is ideal for those looking to create a statement and catch eyes in every room. The gemstones or diamonds of a tennis chain shine like no other chain can. If you are looking for a chain that is easy to clean then the tennis chain is also a good choice. 

The Cuban chain is perfect for those for a chain that offers both durability and an iconic link style. Furthermore if you are looking to buy a chain but are on a budget, the Cuban chain offers one of the best value to price ratios of any chain. 

For a more in depth analysis of the tennis chain and Cuban chain, check out our blog post comparing the tennis chain and Cuban link chain


Which Chain Is Better For Me, The Tennis Chain Or Rope Chain?

tennis chain vs rope chain

Similar to the last section, the best chains for you will depend on your personal preference on style as well as how you plan to wear the chain. Here are some general recommendations to give you a basic idea of which one to get! 

For those looking for the perfect statement piece, then the tennis chain is a no brainer. It is much shinier than the rope chain and is best suited for fancy events. If you have the budget, this is also a great chain to invest in, especially if the chain is made with diamonds. 

For those looking for a chain that is ideal for everyday wear and can be worn with both smart and casual outfits, the rope chain is a the ideal piece. This chain works best paired with pendants or other chains. 

For a more in depth analysis of the tennis chain and Cuban chain, check out our blog post which goes through the tennis chain vs rope chain


Where To Buy The Best Tennis Chains?

At Sky Austria we stock the most affordable and high quality tennis chains you can get. All of our tennis chains are made using stainless steel which is resistant to rust and tarnishing. We have both silver and gold plated options in a variety of widths and lengths. 

shop our tennis chains


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