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18K Gold Plated Bracelets

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3mm gold rope braceletmale wearing 3mm gold rope bracelet
3mm Rope Bracelet - Gold Sale price£39.99GBP
5mm gold cuban chainmale wearing 5mm gold cuban link bracelet on wrist
5mm Cuban Link Bracelet - Gold Sale price£44.99GBP
8mm gold cuban link bracelet gold8mm gold cuban bracelet on wrist
8mm Cuban Link Bracelet - Gold Sale price£49.99GBP
5mm gold rope bracelet5mm Rope Bracelet - Gold
5mm Rope Bracelet - Gold Sale price£44.99GBP
4mm gold tennis bracelet4mm gold tennis bracelet on wrist

Add a touch of luxury to any outfit with our extensive range of 18k gold plated bracelets. Each one plated with an 18k gold PVD plating and features a stainless steel base, for greater scratch resistance and longevity.

Choose from a wide range of gold bracelets, from tennis chains to cuban bracelets, rope bracelets and much more! Great to pair with our other gold plated jewellery pieces for a complete look. 


Our range of 18k gold-plated bracelets includes


Gold plated Cuban bracelets

Our gold-plated Cuban bracelets are a classic style of bracelets that strike the perfect balance between classic and modern. These Cuban bracelets are robust and durable making them a must-have everyday piece. We currently have plated Cuban bracelets in both 5mm and 8mm thicknesses.


Gold-plated tennis bracelets

Looking for a new addition to your jewellery collection? Then you need to check out our gold-plated tennis bracelets. Our gold-plated tennis bracelets shine like no other bracelet can, and will capture the attention of anyone in a room. The ultimate statement piece. Designed with a sturdy box clasp, ensuring the bracelet is secure when worn.


Gold-plated rope bracelets

Looking for a bracelet that is more lowkey, but has a classic elegance to it? Look no further than our gold-plated rope bracelets. A truly sophisticated accessory that is perfect to wear during casual and formal occasions and offers a lightweight feel. We currently offer gold-plated rope bracelets in both 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.