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Rope Bracelets

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3mm silver rope braceletmale wearing 3mm silver rope bracelet on wrist
3mm Rope Bracelet - Silver Sale price$39.00 USD
3mm gold rope braceletmale wearing 3mm gold rope bracelet
3mm Rope Bracelet - Gold Sale price$39.00 USD
5mm silver rope bracelet5mm silver rope bracelet on wrist
5mm Rope Bracelet - Silver Sale price$46.00 USD
5mm gold rope bracelet5mm Rope Bracelet - Gold
5mm Rope Bracelet - Gold Sale price$46.00 USD

The rope bracelet style is characterised by its unique twisted link pattern that resembles a rope. 

Our rope bracelets are made using durable stainless steel that is resistant to tarnishing and rusting. 

The rope bracelet is great as a statement piece worn or it’s own, layered with other bracelets or paired with our rope chains