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Silver Stainless Steel Jewellery

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3mm silver cuban link chain3mm silver cuban link chain on male neck
3mm rope chain silver3mm silver rope chain on male neck
3mm Rope Chain - Silver Sale price$31.00 USD
5mm silver cuban link braceletmale wearing 5mm silver cuban link bracelet on wrist
5mm cuban link chain silver5mm silver cuban chain on neck
3mm figaro chain silver3mm silver Figaro chain on male neck
3mm Figaro Chain - Silver Sale price$31.00 USD
silver katana pendantmale wearing silver katana pendant on neck
Katana Pendant - Silver Sale price$54.00 USD
8mm cuban link chain silvermale wearing 8mm silver miami cuban link chain on neck
3mm silver rope braceletmale wearing 3mm silver rope bracelet on wrist
3mm Rope Bracelet - Silver Sale price$25.00 USD
6mm half pearl half cuban necklace silvermale wearing half pearl half cuban necklace
5mm silver rope chain5mm silver rope chain on neck
5mm Rope Chain - Silver Sale price$44.00 USD
4mm silver tennis braceletmale wearing 4mm tennis bracelet and chain in silver
4mm Tennis Chain - Silver4mm silver tennis chain on neck
4mm Tennis Chain - Silver Sale price$100.00 USD
silver anubis pendantmale wearing silver anubis pendant outside brown hoodie
Anubis Pendant - Silver Sale price$54.00 USD
If you don’t have any silver jewellery in your wardrobe you’re missing out. Silver jewellery is the best type of jewellery for every occasion and goes with any outfit and style!
We provide silver jewellery that is both affordable, shiny and durable by utilising a premium stainless steel material. This means you can take your silver jewellery anywhere, whether it’s the shower, gym or the beach without worrying about it going green or tarnishing.

At Sky Austria, we have an extensive range of silver jewellery options ranging from stainless steel chains, stainless steel pendants and stainless steel bracelets.