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Sizing Chart

At Sky Austria we offer 3 sizes of chains as of right now, ranging from 18, 20 and 22 inch chains. For our bracelets we offer 7 and 8 inch sizes.

For more information on what size to get for your chains, check out our blog about finding the perfect chain length or read below.



chain length chart


16 inches - tighter fitting, sits just below the neck and the perfect size for a choker fit.

18 inches - fits just below or behind the t-shirt collar. A great length as a foundation chain for layering.

20 inches - fits 2 inches below the collar. A great size for statement piece chains or as a layering piece. 

24 inches - fits just above or even below the chest. Ideal chain length for those that like a looser fit. 



*model in this photo is wearing a 7 inch tennis bracelet*

6 inches - best suited for smaller wrists. An ideal size for women.

7 inches - best suited for average sized builds. Our most popular size.

8 inches - best suited for average size builds. Great for those looking for a looser fit.

9 inches - best suited for those with larger builds.