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About Us

At Sky Austria, we are dedicated to crafting timeless pieces that are more than just accessories - rather an extension of a unique story. Our brand embodies self-expression and individuality, setting us apart in a world full of conformity. 

We believe in the power of being different from the rest and standing out, and our designs reflect this exact ethos. Every piece is not only unique but embodies a spirit of boldness and is a testament to being different. 

Inspired by iconic entities of history, we have transformed them into one-of-a-kind statement pieces that resonate with any style. When you wear our jewellery & accessories you carry a piece of history, that continues with you. We only use the finest quality materials, and our craftsmanship follows suit. Ensuring our creations are not only stunning but long-lasting.

At Sky Austria, we are redefining self-expression in the jewellery & fashion accessory world, creating pieces that are unparalleled in their uniqueness. 

Join us on this journey. Stand out from the crowd, make a statement and embrace your individuality with Sky Austria.