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silver oni mask pendantsilver oni mask on neck
Oni Mask Pendant - Silver Sale price£59.99GBP
gold oni mask pendantgold-oni-mask-on-neck
Oni Mask Pendant - Gold Sale price£59.99GBP
gold katana pendantmale wearing gold katana pendant on neck
Katana Pendant - Gold Sale price£54.99GBP
silver katana pendantmale wearing silver katana pendant on neck
Katana Pendant - Silver Sale price£54.99GBP
gold icarus pendantmale wearing gold icarus pendant on neck
Icarus Pendant - Gold Sale price£59.99GBP
gold budded cross pendantBudded Cross Pendant - Gold
anubis pendant silvermale wearing silver anubis pendant outside brown hoodie
Anubis Pendant - Silver Sale price£54.99GBP
gold rectangle pendantmale wearing gold rectangle pendant on neck
Rectangle Pendant - Gold Sale price£44.99GBP
anubis pendant goldmale wearing gold anubis pendant outside of hoodie
Anubis Pendant - Gold Sale price£54.99GBP
Sold outIcarus Pendant - SilverIcarus Pendant - Silver
Icarus Pendant - Silver Sale price£59.99GBP
Sold outBudded Cross Pendant - SilverBudded Cross Pendant - Silver
Sold outRectangle Pendant - SilverRectangle Pendant - Silver

Pendants are pieces of jewellery that is usually worn suspended from a chain. They are versatile pieces of jewellery that can be worn as a bold statement piece or a more subtle addition to an outfit.

They go with any occasion, both informal and formal and they look great layered with chain necklaces too. 

Pendants can come in a variety of colours including gold, rose gold and silver which means there's a pendant out there for everyone to love. 

All of our pendants come with a chain so you won’t need to worry about finding a chain that’ll fit inside the pendant's bails.