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Box Chains: Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Box Chain?

gold box chain

Box chains also known as Venetian chains or square link chains are made using square or box-shaped wires cut into four equal sides. The flat four-sided look of the box chain necklace creates a highly reflective chain that is similar to a herringbone chain. This chain link features a simple link structure that consists of each box being connected on both sides with the same shape and sizes squares to create complete symmetry. They are super versatile in use and can be worn by both men and women. 


Types Of Box Chains

Come in a wide range of styles offering plenty of options to choose from:

silver standard box chain

Classic / Standard Box Chain- the original and first style of box chain created that led to the creation of other types. Characterised by four straight edges and sides that create a highly reflective flat surface.

silver rounded box chain

Photo by Lazoro 

Rounded Box Chain - made of domed-shaped links, great for larger statement pendants or lockets. The difference between these and the standard box chain is that the edges and corners are rounded to create a dome shape. Great for pendants.

silver mirror box chain

Photo by Lex & Lu

Mirror Box Chain - similar to a standard box chain, however this type of box chain consists of box-shaped links that are woven close together. This creates a continuous-looking chain that is much more reflective and mirror-like in comparison to the standard box chain.

gold double box chain

Photo by Melorra

Double Box Chain - as the name implies, it is just two strands of box chain connected using a horizontal link that creates a surface stacked with two boxed-shaped wires, creating a thicker type of chain.

Twisted Box Chain - the chain links of this box chain are twisted together to create a unique and textured look. Much more out there and is usually worn as a statement piece.

Triple Box Chain - similar to a double box chain instead with three stacked links instead of two.

Greek Box Chain - influenced by patterns and the designs of Greece, the box structure is crafted to form 45-degree angles to create a zigzag-like pattern and structure. Because of the 45-degree angles formed the chain is flatter. 

Is A Box Chain Strong?

One of the main reasons box chains are so popular is their strength and durability. The box chain is one of the sturdiest types of chain due to its interlinking wires and the shape of the box links. This makes this chain highly resilient to snapping and ideal for everyday wear. The strength of a box chain is often compared to a rolo or cable chain. 


Can A Box Chain Be Repaired?

The likelihood of a box chain necklace breaking is quite low, the chain won’t always need to be soldered when damaged. Often just pinching the link with a pair of pliers is sufficient enough. The easiest way to get a box chain repaired is the take it to a jeweller, they will use pliers to pinch the loose chain link back together or take off a link and create a new opening to solder onto the chain. Another benefit of this type of chain is that it is relatively easy to get fixed without running the rest of the chain as the link structure is simple. 


Are Box Chains Good For Pendants?

gold Anubis pendant

Box chains are an extremely good chain to use for pendants. Because of the chain's close interlinked structure, smooth texture, flat surface and simple link structure they are less likely to tangle or get caught on a pendant bail and ensure that the pendant stays centred when wearing. Because of their simple link structure, they are less likely to tangle or get caught on the pendant bail. Because of their simple style box chains go with formal and informal outfits and also ensure that the pendant is the focal point of your jewellery instead of the chain. This is why we chose to use this chain on our silver and gold Anubis pendant.

Do Box Chains Pull On Hair? 

The gaps between the link on a box chain necklace are substantially wider than other types of chains with closer links such as a herringbone or snake chain. Hairs that come into contact whilst you are wearing the chain can pass through without being pulled. 

The way a box chain interlinks to form a flat four-sided chain also minimises sharp edges that may get caught onto body hairs.
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