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Article: What Is A Tennis Bracelet? Everything You Need To Know

gold 4mm tennis bracelet

What Is A Tennis Bracelet? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Tennis Bracelet? 

Tennis bracelets are characterised by symmetrical / rows of diamonds or gemstones usually connected by a thin chain made from metals or precious metals. 

Each stone in the row of a tennis chain bracelet tends to be the same size, shape, colour and clarity as the other. 

Before the tennis bracelet’s rise to popularity it was known as the “line diamond bracelet” however now it is mostly known as the tennis bracelet. 

Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet derived its name from an event that happened during the 1987 US Tennis Open where Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during the middle of a match. During this event, Chris Evert asked officials to pause the game whilst she searched for the missing bracelet. Spectators and TV viewers were left watching the search for the tennis bracelet. 

It was later found out that the reason bracelet fell off was due to the clasp of the bracelet breaking. The diamond bracelet was eventually recovered. After the event, the popularity of the tennis bracelet increased, and so did the demand for the shiny bracelet. 

How do you wear or style a tennis bracelet?

There are endless ways to wear a tennis bracelet as it is such an iconic and eye-catching piece. 

You can pair a tennis chain bracelet whether it’s diamond or gemstone with other pieces including diamond or gemstone necklaces or earrings for formal events. 

For a more subtle look, wear a tennis bracelet with non-diamond/gemstone necklaces and skip the earring, 

Tennis bracelets look great paired with watches too! Wear a watch and tennis bracelet on the same wrist, with the tennis bracelet above the watch. Adding a watch into this mix creates a super eye-catching style especially if gemstones and colours are matched well. If you prefer a more balanced look wear the bracelet on the opposite wrist to your watch. 

Or simply layer two tennis bracelets together on the same hand with the same colours. This is a controversial opinion, but even layering two tennis bracelets in gold and silver together somehow works well too. 

4mm gold tennis bracelet on wrist

What size tennis bracelet should you get?

The tennis bracelet size you choose should be loose enough to move freely, but not too loose that it slides off annoyingly. The perfect size tennis bracelet for yourself is if you can fit one finger between your wrist and bracelet. To measure what size tennis bracelet to get, wrap a tape measure loosely around your wrist.

If you want to take the guesswork out, we offer adjustable tennis bracelets ranging from 7-8 inches, meaning that this will fit most people and you won't need to worry about the sizing. 

Why are tennis bracelets so expensive? 

Depending on the type of stones that a tennis bracelet has, tennis bracelets can often be a pricey purchase. Standard tennis bracelets feature an entire row of diamonds paired with precious metals which skyrockets the costs. It’s not uncommon to find tennis bracelets that can start from £1000 and up. 

If you’re on a budget, save some money by buying designs made from silver or stainless steel and featuring lab-grown diamonds or gemstones instead. 

Are tennis bracelets unisex? 

The tennis bracelet is genderless. Men tend to prefer the larger and bulkier sizes of diamond gemstones to maintain a masculine vibe. Women opt for smaller and more dainty diamonds or gemstones. 

We believe the most versatile type is a 4mm tennis bracelet, as the gemstones are neither too big nor small. 

To learn more about other types of bracelets, check out our "Bracelet Styles Guide"

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